Saturday 31 December 2016

Gently sliding to another new year

The house is so quiet now, I do miss Fran but love the emptiness as well. She said herself that much as she loves being here and going away to friends she is looking forward to going back to Beckenham.

Her bed has been changed, the room tidied and washing done, dried and put away.
I did not start to take the decs down, it will do tomorrow. The mist and drizzle turned to fog during the morning and put me off any more chores.

I did a Tesco run and restocked with fruit, veg and milk, I also picked up a few bargains but did not go mad. I aim to have a sensible and light eating plan for January, I may not have stuffed myself with sweets, cakes and puddings  (Trifle is NOT pudding in this house, it is essential on very rare occasions)  but I have eaten some rich meals. I made a batch of veg soup this afternoon and have 8 generous portions lined up. Tomorrow I will make some Scotch Broth, for days when I want some meat.

I have cast on more socks, well one sock, for Fran. She picked the yarn from my stash and asked for vanilla socks.

She likes the 6" leg and her feet are small so they will be another quick knit.

The second part of my gift did not arrive, I will share it all together hopefully by Wednesday.

I started my sock while watching Ken Dodd on TV, no swearing, no graphic sex talk, lots of silliness and rolling around laughing. Telly at it's best, my Mum would have loved it as much as I did.

As the year slips away I will not waste time by having a post mortem. What's gone is gone, what's done is done, none of it can be changed. I only hope that lessons learned will not be forgotten and that I profit from them.

My only aims next year are to be more adventurous in my knitting and to get my crochet mojo back on track.

I usually have a word or phrase for the year and next year I think it will have to be,

To Boldly Knit what ever takes my fancy with the help of you tube and podcasters. 

I will share my trials and tribulations, my failures and triumphs. I want to master the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, how I love that name. Put in an afterthought heel, why call it that when you have to plan and put in a marker row of scrap yarn?
I want to knit a pair of toe up socks and crochet a summery top, and the list could go on ad infinitum but those 4 will suffice to start with.

And now the time has come for a cuppa and to wish you all a healthy and happy 2017.

               TTFN                                                               Pam


  1. A Very Happy New Year to you and yours Pam-x-

  2. The same to you Pam, I look forward to seeing your future makes.

  3. And I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and crafty New Year also. My decks are down and I have done 10 loads of washing in 2 days so tomorrow I will start ironing all that bedding.

  4. LOl love your knitting phrase for the New Year. The sock colour is just lovely. Happy New Year

  5. I probably won't be able to stay awake long enough to see the new year come in. Wanted to stop by and wish you and Ben a Happy New Year. I enjoy an empty house and time alone too. Nothing like it! Hope you get in lots of knitting in the new year. :)

  6. Happy New Year Pam. Reading and commenting on blogs at 2.50am is not my usual thing, but I have a cough which will not let me sleep so decided to get up. Had the same early last year which was horrendous and I'm hoping this one doesn't get that bad.
    Does this mean that you have now swapped sewing quilts to knitting socks? Love the wool/yarn that Fran has picked out for her socks.

    Joan (Wales)

  7. You know, as much as I love the holidays I also love the peacefulness that comes after everyone has gone home. I'm happy you were able to spend some special time with Fran and I know it is just as special for her!

    Your knitting is all so lovely! I have never done much knitting although I love to sew and make quilts and such. It is wonderful to see what you can do with yarn!

    Happy New Year to you Pam!

  8. Gosh, your sock knitting is going from strength to strength. I love the yarn that Fran chose. January is going to be a catch up month for me and who knows, I may even get back to crafting. That's the only trouble with whizzing about looking for stock and doing Fairs, something has to give.

    Happy New Year to you.

  9. Gorgeous yarn, I love self striping sock yarn! I think the afterthought is called that because the heel is the last thing you do.
    Happy New Year and happy knitting!

  10. Sounds like your year is starting well lots of clickity clicks of needles in the coming months :-)

  11. Happy new year Pam to you and Ben, I too like the quiet when things get back to normal. I also am looking forward to working the fish lips kiss heel, whilst winding skeins into cakes last night I was trawling YouTube for a good tutorial sadly most of them weren't very good. I learn better by watching people than by written instructions so still searching. Knitting toe up socks is great, you can try the sock on to check for size without dropping all the blooming stitches lol you'll enjoy it I'm certain. For the first time I've knit my last 3 pair on 25cm sock needles, they take some getting used to but the rounds seem quicker. Happing knitting whichever method you use. Peg x

  12. Happy New Year Pam. Wishing you the best.

  13. Happy New Year Pam, I love your ethos on the past year! 2017 will be the year of the sock!

  14. hapy new year to you, I love that sock yarn. One of my goals is to be more adventurous with my knitting this year!

  15. Happy New Year to you Pam! I'm a regular reader but don't often comment. You are so creative; I enjoy seeing all the lovely things you make. Cheers, Nanny Anny in Canada.


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