Monday 31 July 2017

More socks than is sensible.

The weather was very not nice yesterday, after a long walk with Rufus, in sunshine, the heavens opened. The rest of the day was made up of alternating 15 minute or so bands of bright sun and thunderingly heavy rain.

A quick trip to the shops for essentials, fruit, veg, milk etc and settling down with some knitting and a little telly was the order of the day.

These stripey socks should have matched but somehow they are a few rows out in the colour, but have the same row count. It doesn't bother me quite as much as it used to.

I cast on another straight away in the Drops Delight sock wool, colour 12, it is a blend of 25% superwash wool and 25% polyamide and has a slight halo. It is a little splitty but my gorgeous Chiaogoo Twist mini circulars are dealing with that nicely.

The day started with more heavy rain but has cleared now, the sky is blue but there is quite a bit of cloud. The first load of laundry is in the tumbler but I hope to get the second load pegged out.

Dinner last night was a hodge podge of left overs, there was pasta sauce, a couple of sausages,a thick slice of garlic sausage (10 p in Tesco, not to be left on the rtc shelf) and some cooked pasta. Mixed together with a glug of  smokey barbecue sauce and reheated it was delicious .

Tonight will be a veggy stir fry followed by cherry pie, mmmmm.

No weight loss to report this week but I am not bothered, my clothes tell me that I am smaller than a month ago.

The SO is suffering, he was washing up on Saturday and managed to break a glass AND cut his hand in 2 places forsooth.

He refused hospital so I used some closure strips  from the first aid kit to hold the cut closed and then a dressing pad and bandage. That first aid training has come in handy several times.
It is healing well and now has a light weight adhesive wound dressing on.
A respite from decorating chaos is now happening.

Ben has a bandage on his front left leg, he manged to scrape it on something on his walk. It was like Emergency ward 10 for a little while.

The once white clouds are now an alarming shade of grey, more tumble drying time I guess.

We have been binge watching Whitechapel on box sets, we are now on series 4. Time to start looking for something else to take its place. I like box sets, you don't have to wait for a week after a cliffhanger and there are no adverts to annoy you.

Any suggestions?

We watched the latest Beauty and the Beast yesterday afternoon, the special effects and animation were great but I think I preferred the Beast to the Prince. He was a little too pretty to my mind.

I have a quilt project in my mind so will be looking through the fabric later, ironing first, a new way of quilt as you go that I saw on a random podcast. I will share that once I get it started.

I think that is all for now, so a cup of tea is next on the agenda then it will be ironing time.

                    TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. can never have too many socks.
    I love the colours in the yarn of the one you have just cast on.
    We are going veggie tonight too. I hope Andy likes it as he is very much a meat and two veg kind of man-x-

    1. Our stir fry was very good, I did add a fair amount of garlic and ginger,then a dollop of szechuan pepper gave it a bit of heat. Cherry pie and cream cooled everything down nicely.

  2. all the Beauty and the Beast movies/tv shows, I always liked the Beast more too! :) The socks are really nice! Oooh cherry pie! It's so hot out today, hottest day yet, I'd planned to make some kind of cookie, but it'll take pulling teeth to get me in the kitchen I think. Supper will be sandwiches! I hope your SO heals soon! But I'm the same way, unless it's life or death, I won't go near a hospital.

    1. The SO would like a batch of cookies made but we are having a snack free couple of weeks.

  3. The weather hasn't been too encouraging for outdoor pursuits has it? Not just a bit of rain but soak-to-the-skin in minutes downpours. We followed yesterday's storm as we drove home from the Carew car boot sale and only needed the wipers when we turned up the lane to our valley. Just as well, as one wiper is playing silly b's.

    Love your new sock wool - I bet that's lovely to knit with.

    Sorry to hear that your SO and Ben have hurt themselves. I hope you're not next!

    I don't know if you read my recent blog post, but I have changed my mind about selling my spinning wheel after getting blown away by a yarn dyeing article in last month's Country Living. It's something I have only tried a couple of times but really want to make an effort again, and so will hang on to my wheel (I need to check if Eldest Daughter wants it after me too - I'd forgotten her in the equation!)

    1. I am way behind ion blog reading, the sock wool is lovely, very soft to handle. I have had to put spinning on hold for a while. There is so much that I want to get done in the house that I dare not add a distraction.

  4. Never have too many socks. Mine always seem to need darning.

    I agree watching a series from beginning to end is the only way to go.

    God bless.

    1. I haven't had to repair any socks yet, I did throw the first pair away, they were in some random yarn from the stash and had gone very baggy.


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