Friday 1 September 2017

Still here

Busy having fun with Fran, cooking and subsequently eating a bit too much. No shopping though.
I have made some more crumb blocks and bought more sashing fabric for the soon to be assembles quilt.
Knitting has taken a back seat for a while but I have done a little more work on a new pale green jumper for Ivy.

The dog walking is still happening and Rufus is looking much more svelte, I on the other hand have stopped losing weight. My face was becoming quite haggard looking so I upped the calories and am much happier now. I am keeping a close eye on the situation though, I don't want to stack it all back on.

I will be back to regular posting next week once Fran has returned home. I am planning a busy couple of  weeks, both in the house and garden.

Now I bid you goodnight and wish you all a good weekend.

                                      TTFN                                                          Pam


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