Sunday, 11 March 2018

Battery included....and now charged.

I have been AWOL. 
There was an incident.
It involved a charger lead.
It also included a set of sharp teeth.
I will never leave the charger on the floor again.
It was not the SO.
It was not me.

The Jury is out.

A new charger was found and purchased.

I have been knitting away AND I have managed my 3 out of 4 every day bar Friday. It is wonderful to walk  in the sun shine, even if the wind has a pronounced chill. I have scarves and shawls, not to mention hats and gloves.

I spent a great day in The Flying Geese Quilt shop yesterday, lots of lovely peeps talking fabric and patterns. Deep Joy.

Talking about joy, I received another box of those extremely wonderful little bites of heaven from Gower Cottage Brownies, a gift from Francesca, just as delicious as the first box. mmmmmmmm

I was browsing through the yarn and pattern stash, much better than polish and dusters, when I happened upon the Spindrift Shawl pattern by Helen Stewart. I have had it for a couple of years, I think, to go with it I found 2 x 100 gram balls of Cherish yarn, I picked them out of Deb,s bargain bin some time last year. It is a DK weight Acrylic yarn so my shawl would have been far too big, and I would have run out of yarn, had I tried to knit the full pattern.
Instead I stopped the SS section after 68 rows and went into the lace section. I have now reached  the last row before the picot bind off but am going to kit one more lace pattern repeat. I have enough yarn and it will balance the finished shawl far better.

I popped into Deb,s wool shop as soon as the doors opened yesterday and got the buttons for The Huge Grey Cardigan. (It is not that huge, just very thick.) Sewing those on is scheduled for this evening, I also have to sew the buttons on Francesca,s cardigan and get that in the post tomorrow.

I had a gift voucher for the Fabric Guild and this morning I had a looong look at their online shop and spent that (I didn't want it to go bad) so a rather large parcel will be heading my way at some point next week.

The sun is shining, all the windows are open wide, Spring is almost here.

I am about to think about lunch, a whatever sandwich perhaps. Dinner will be Steak, mushrooms, griddled tomatoes and either chips or jacket potato and a pile of salad. An easy meal with minimal fuss and prep, just what the doctor ordered.

Pudding? .....Chocolate Brownie of course.....possibly a dollop of clotted cream. Maybe a slice of mango.

Possibly? Maybe? Who am I kidding? Not you for sure.

Time for a cuppa.

I hope that all you Mum's out there in the UK are having a bit of a spoily day. It is Mothering Sunday. Which is really all about your Mother Church, but has been turned into a day for Mums to be treated.

                            TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Oh dear....I take it Ben is in the doghouse
    Looking forward to seeing what you spent your gift voucher on.
    Hugs.....and Happy Mother's Day-x-

  2. Thank you for using the correct term, Mothering Sunday, don’t know why it changed, but Mothering Sunday it is, have a good one.

  3. It's definitely feeling a lot warmer, spring is around the corner.

  4. Ooops!
    Choccie brownies... yummy
    Hope you enjoyed a lovely Mothering Sunday


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