Tuesday 1 May 2018

Rinse and repeat.

When my younger brothers were little one of their "treats" was to eat what ever our Dad left in his lunch box. On the odd day that he ate it all they would create a fuss.
Mum wised up and started making 2 extra sandwiches for them to have.

Roll on far too many years and I am now having to put extra food into Ben,s dish so that Herbie can finish it off. I realised that he would leave a little of his and then sit beside Ben waiting to scavenge the scraps.

Ben is set in his eating habits and I know exactly how much to give him so now there is always a little left for Herbie.

Small children are much the same no matter race, creed or number of legs.

The second cowl is now off the needles and a third variation is in progress. These are a quick knit and by changing the stitch pattern I hope to stave off boredom until I have knit up several more odd balls of yarn. They take around 50 - 60 grams depending on the thickness of yarn. The current pair are in Drops Karisma on 5mm needles with a 96 stitch count. Photo to follow.021465 This sequence of numbers is Herbie's doing. He loves the laptop so I will have to sign off before he tries to steal it.

                      TTFN                                       Pam


  1. You are still busy knitting, I have started my 1st sock, and I am getting a serious addiction to yarn.

  2. I had to laugh at Herbie loving your laptop and typing his own numbers! Betty is fascinated by mine, she likes to jump up beside me and put her nose against the screen, she sometimes rests her chin on the keyboard (must be the warmth coming off it). She did that this morning and sent my laptop haywire - the screen pic was jumping about all over the place, had to do a restart. Love 'em!

  3. Whatever their antics our furry friends bring so much joy.


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