Friday, 15 June 2018

Busy doing nothing...

Well, I have been busy but you can not see where. Mainly because I have been flitting from one little  job to another.

The front garden took a fair bit of time, some shrubs that did not survive the second onslaught of snow and ice have been removed. They were under planted with bluebells, hence the wait, I wanted to leave the bulbs in till the flower stems had died back. The bulbs have now been moved to another spot.

The compost bins will be emptied and the contents forked into the bed to replace nutrients that were washed away during last years non stop rain.
I have some small shrubs in containers that will be going into the ground over the weekend. Then I will be putting down a generous mulch. I will be trying very hard to leave space for my wheelbarrow.

I am off out today to pickup the mulch and hopefully some plants. I would like to fill the wheelbarrow with some colour.
I had to cut my Snow on the Mountain back quite hard again.It was rampaging over the border and drowning my roses. I did the same last year and it grew back bigger, next year it may take over the street.

We have a chance of rain tomorrow so the more we get done today the better. I will water everything in but rain does a much better job.

Herbie seems to be more energetic as the days go by, I took him out for a long walk yesterday and the minute his lead was off he picked a toy up ready for a game. Ben just lets it all slip past him, if Herbie tries to bully him into play he lets him know, in no uncertain terms, to back off. Or face the consequences.

He backs off every time.
He still tries it on now and then  though.

The sun is shining and I have washing ready to peg out.
I may put the kettle on first.
I forgot to make my overnight oats so it will be toast for breakfast.
Possibly with a poached egg.

                          TTFN                                      Pam

PS. The "casual" log cabin quilt will be ready for photo,s soon.
I love it. (most of the time)

PPS. I seem to have refilled the scrap bin with the remains of all the odd bits from the quilt.


  1. Your garden sounds lovely! Can you give me some bluebell advice please - we've had loads in our backgreen but the leaves are going brown now and covering up most of the ground. can i just chop off the leaves and leave the bulbs in the ground? it's a shared garden so I don't want to be moving bulbs around but i want to plant some different flower seeds for now and there's no space. ideas? thx I love your blog; always cheery!

  2. I would leave the bulb foliage as it is for a little longer, the bulbs will be building up their reserves ready to flower next year.

    1. ok thx for this - patience has never been my strongest point!


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