Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Climbing back up.

Not back on top yet but getting there. I managed to take Ben and Herbie out for a little walk (or should that be swim).
It rained.
We didn't care.
We needed some fresh air.

I managed to get some photos sorted, some were not playing ball so I deleted them. No patience, that is the problem.

I did some pattern drafting over the weekend, just a casual top and skirt. The prototypes are wearable and will be fine, but there is room for considerable improvement.

A simple tee with grown on sleeves and a scoop neck, I didn't bother with facings just overlocked the edges and turned 1/4" under and sewed it down.

Simplify is my mantra.

The skirt is also simple, 2 identical skirt pieces and 4 pocket pieces. I only had a small piece of gifted fabric, a remnant from a dress, so the waistband is very narrow. I did not have a zip the right colour hence it is elasticated. Apart from that I am happy with the fit, just the right amount of fullness in the skirt for me. I will be making it with a proper waistband and zipper, I may will experiment with different pockets.Much as I like the simplicity (there it is again) of side seam inserts I do love the curved jeans style pockets, and the Hollyburn skirt pocket style. 

The log cabin quilt is done and dusted, it hangs over the bed nicely and is long enough to tuck in at the bottom. It has been folded and tucked away for the cooler weather. It is not quite as "wonky" as I had imagined so there may be another in my system, just not quite yet.

Ben is still a sofa surfer at every opportunity.

He is happy to share though.

Even shares his basket.

He is not too certain about sharing the squeaky toys though. This particular one belongs to Rufus, who brought it round to play a few days ago and left it behind.

The SO made dinner last night, it was lusher than lush. Pasta in a sauce that was bursting with good things, sweet with cherry tomatoes with the salty hits of green olives. Loads of garlic, it is the law that garlic and pasta go hand in hand, isn't it?

Tonight is undecided, a quick rummage in fridge and freezer will settle the matter. 

I have a small heap of things on the sewing table to sort through and a few inches of a cardigan front to knit.
There are lovely speckled bananas in the fruit bowl, I have some glorious dark chocolate and some toasted hazelnuts. I feel a Nigel Slater Black banana cake coming on, make that 2, W likes a homemade cake on a fairly regular basis. 

He has become a good friend as well as a neighbour and deserves a treat as much as we do. Plus I will not put the oven on for one thing and we would eat 2 cakes as fast as , the recipe never fails even though I tweak it every time.

I just had a moment of excitement, I though that the sun had broken through. It was just the sky lightening, so perhaps the sun is on it's way for a visit.
 Thanks to Bovey Belle I have found where to get the Cordyline that the SO wants. We will probably leave till tomorrow when I hope to be back on top form.

That's all for today, I must get that stuff sorted I want my sewing table back, I plan on a second top in white with some satin stitch embroidery and some satin binding in the same colour. I will share whether it works or is a dismal failure.

                         TTFN                                 Pam



  1. I do like the T shirt fabric. Very summery.

    1. Another bargain from the Fabric Guild.

  2. I love the fabric you used for that top Pam. All pretty and summery.. I have a dim recollection of summer... It's grey and drizzly here. It is forecast to fair up later today

    1. We have bright sun today, not warm enough for that little top though.

  3. That summer top .... I too love the material! Very cute. And the skirt looks very comfortable and easy-breezy, perfect for this time of the year.

    I sometimes rue that the one way in which I choose to rebel against my mom...was sewing. Seems pretty stupid, now that decades have past.

    1. The women in my family were all knitters, my grandmother only sewed the household linen.She did teach me the mysteries of the treadle sewing machine though. After I could whip stitch a sheet together, side to side, and then hem the edges by hand to her satisfaction.

  4. Glad you are on the mend. I resisted in the Drops sale at wool warehouse.

    1. Well done, I aim to knit for at least 3 months before even looking at more yarn.

  5. summer's left us here in Scotland as well - humph!!A few years ago I bought a garlic-chive plug plant - grows every year and I snip off a few leaves for most meals - one of the best herbs i've bought. it's like chives but with white flowerheads instead of purple and very strong garlictasting.

    1. I have had garlic chives, I had forgotten how tasty they were.

  6. Love the little top, looking forward to seeing the white one, when you make it. Copied down the Nigel Slater recipe, will have to try it. My hanging baskets were very dry this morning. Took them all down, 9 of them, and put each in there own plastic wash basin of water for a good soak. So here it is, 3 hours later, and we have thunder, lightening and pouring rain. Figures! Well, they're getting a really good soak now!!lol


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