Friday, 8 June 2018

Rambling along.

I noticed that Tesco have a new label on their "everyday" oats. They are now called "Growers Harvest" with the declaration that they are farm grown. 

I wonder where the others were grown. In the town centres perhaps?

Maybe they will use the soon to be empty House of Fraser sites and go back to the old label.

I am so happy that I am not a Recycling Collector.

It is "bin day" in the Amman Valley and as I walk the dogs I look around me.

I see the black Glass recycling bins, many are full of half empty jars frequently with visible mould growth.

I do not buy jars of sauces, but if I did I would want to get every last drop out. Scraping with my very narrow spatula or a little rinse with some hot water.
Even at the low price end of 80p or so a jar that is a big loss.

One bin had a very carefully drained pickled onion jar, again almost half full. It was quite a large jar as well.

Food waste bins are provided and many properties have 2 or 3 full to the brim with the lids gaping open. Bread and pizza seem to be the main waste.

Cardboard waste containers filled with ready meal sleeves, lots of pizza boxes and  reams of Amazon packaging.

At least the plastic waste bags are well used.

I am not sure where this was going but it all strikes me as topical.
I saw a recent program on the telly about labelling things to give the consumer the wrong idea. Hinting that the ready meal is super healthy and so on.

Plastic waste is the thought of the day for what seems like every nation on earth.
I am glad that Wales is working hard to keep as much as possible from landfill.

Drive along almost any road and there is litter of all sorts strewn about our countryside. Many town streets have a similar array of discarded containers and wrappers. Not to mention the grey slabs of chewing gum and flattened cigarette buts that adorn every pavement.

We seem to have become a nation of litter louts.

Then there are the "fly tippers". The mentality is that "someone will take it away".  Of course they will, either the landowner will, or much more likely the local council, and the tax payer picks up the bill. Ask not why the council tax rises every year.

There is a marvellous recycling and waste site near to us. There is also a proliferation of fly tipping. Stupid laziness or lazy stupidity?

The 500 word children,s essay competition has just finished and one of the words this year was plastic. Chris Evans deserves a pat on the back for getting that off the ground, and for staying involved.

Now I think I will get off my soap box and finish my cuppa, the ironing awaits. Most of my clothes are Me Made, nearly all are 100% cotton and every last item needs ironing. I do not particularly like the job but like the finished result.

As the saying goes... There's no gain without pain.

                           TTFN                                Pam.

It doesn't hurt really, just makes my toes curl up a little.


  1. Well said Pam and on the note of recycling thanknyou for popping over to scraps quilt. Thin slices that would otherwise have been in the bin. I hope you get to make one. Jo xx

    1. Oh Jo, it is on its way. I did use some really wide strips as I want the blocks to be large. I am loving it.

  2. When I first moved to the UK, I was appalled at the poor recycling options and the litter everywhere. The recycling has improved in those 19 years but the litter is just as bad. I find myself apologising to visitors. I thought that it may improve with recycling and waste management talked about at school and on the news but my kids seem fairly nonchalant despite being surrounded by roles models. I read a short story once by David Sedaris, he had recently moved to the UK and took a dislike to the litter on the roadside and started to spend more and more time collecting what other drivers had dropped. I can't remember the name. Anyway, mustn't write myself into a state. Thanks for bringing this topic up, so important. Hope the ironing was not too tedious x

    1. The ironing was done, why is it so tedious compared with ironing blocks? The rubbish that litters our country is appalling, too much packaging, too many fast food outlets but mainly lazy, inconsiderate people.

  3. Such a topical post Pam. Our own council has been working hard to provide facilities for recycling but some people are so bone idle they don’t care. Fly tipping, even onto the pavement, is quite the thing these days. There has been a bed and carpet near our home now for 3 weeks but I am sick reporting things to the council. The house is rented out and the many people who live there have turned the front yard it into a tip. Rant over. Have a nice weekend. Catriona

    1. The house next door to where the SO was working has a single bed base and mattress in the front garden and a double in the back. You can just see them through the weeds.

  4. I agree with every word, we are a nation of shoppers, buy anything the shop is selling and dump the old one we have, paying someone to take it away. I wonder in years to come they will sit down and count the cost of their waste. On our local Facebook page all to often people are asking for rubbish removal at the cheapest price, we have more flytipping locally, can’t people work it out. Our underlying theory is if we don’t buy it we won’t have to get rid it it later. As for food waste, I can’t find a drum big enough to bang how I feel about other people’s food waste.

    1. Never mind write a book, I could fill a library with my feelings, as could most of us. It is the people who don't care that are at the root of the problems.

  5. I find people are very lazy when it comes to recycling. I always sort and rinse my glass and plastics in the last of the washing up water before popping them in the bin. After all it only takes a minute, helps the planet and saves us paying someone else to sort it!

    1. That is exactly what I do, it takes no time at all and there is nothing in the bin to smell. Common sense, but as my Grannie said that is a rare as rocking horse manure.


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