Monday, 18 June 2018

In the weather.

The air is damp and warm, we are living in a cloud in the valley.
The house fronts over the road can just be seen but after that it is like an old photo that has faded away to almost nothing.

Occasionally the mist slithers back up the valley sides, just to descend again minutes later.

The dogs have been walked and they and I have returned covered in tiny droplets of moisture. It is like living in a sauna with the heat turned right down, goodness knows what it is like for those living higher.

My changing rounditis has gone, I am very pleased with the extra space that we have gained. I do have a heap of things to donate and will have to get that done in the next few days.

The garden has been left to fend for its self, but as long as it does not rain hard tomorrow we plan on getting stuck in.
I have a heap of well rotted compost to be forked in, plants to go in and bark to mulch them with.
The wheel barrow is ready and the plants are waiting, I just have to mix the growing medium. The plants are all Alpines so I will be mixing John Innes no 2 with sharp sand and vermiculite. The SO would like a feature plant in there as well, it will be in a pot and he plans to change it according to the season through the year.

There is a tentative list which includes a Cordyline Pink Passion (if we can find one) and a Pieris Forest Flame. Possibly a Winter flowering Jasmine and a Fuchsia Pink Elephant.

Nothing much else to tell you, it has been quiet here. We just plod along enjoying what we do, even the dust bunny eviction had an element of fun.
 If anybody visits me and faints, at least when they come to they will see that the carpets are bunny free.

I did a little baking yesterday, 2 batches of my 10 minute cookies and 2 chocolate and coconut cakes. We had Spicy Chicken with Sweet Potato jacket, peas and sweetcorn for dinner. 
Tonight it is Barbecue baked beans, they are simmering away as I write. They are glorious, I should make them more often, and we will have them on toast. 
A lazy dinner followed by banana cake and some fruit, if we want a pudding.

I have done all the usual Monday jobs, I even put the bed linen onto wash, it will probably go in the drier later as tomorrow should be wet.

The latest pair of socks is all ready for me to start the Fleegle Heel and I will be knitting after dinner.

Yesterday we found a series on Netflix, Unforgotten, and found it interesting  enough to watch 3 episodes back to back. We also watched the follow on film The Day of the Triffids. It was okay, not as good as the first and with some glaring holes in the story line. The ending was woolly and some obvious questions were never answered.
Francesca bought the black Panther film on Prime last week and we did watch that. I did not think that it would be my sort of film but I enjoyed the pure escapism. The "baddy" got his comeuppance which is always a plus.

I think that is it for now, I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend.

                       TTFN                                    Pam.

Catriona, will you email me please with directions to your facebook page. I have managed to empty my email address book and my snail mail one to boot. Me and technology is not a match made in heaven, or anywhere else for that matter. More like oil and water than salt and vinegar.


  1. I'd never heard of the Fleegle Heel, better go and have a look what it is.
    Your planting combination sounds lovely.

    1. The heel is a dream to knit but is for toe up socks. I have just finished my 3rd pair of shorty socks using the heel. The SO loves them and says that it is his new favourite heel.


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