Saturday, 16 June 2018

Rain stopped play

But started some long overdue work.

We woke to a grey misty morning and it was an instant joint decision to get stuck into the kitchen and the sewing room.

Things are being moved around a bit. Deep cleaning in dim, distant corners and some heavy duty dusting is occurring.
 No dust bunnies will be harmed, they are being relocated.

I have found a quilting ruler that I was convinced had been evaporated, or eaten by Herbie. 
My sock yarn oddments are now all in one place.

My fabric scraps have been breeding, either that or some nuclear fission has taken place.

If anyone would like to start a scrappy project I will be happy to send off a starter kit of decent sized bits, either random or if possible colour coordinated. 
Just drop a comment, and I will contact you.

At one point, with my head in a tight corner and my rear in the air, I almost expected to meet David Bellamy "rummaging through the undergrowth".

It is invigorating to see more floor space and gaps on shelves, it won't last though. 
I put an order in to the Fabric Guild on Thursday, I have run out of backing fabrics and have some quilt tops to get made up.

I think that this year will be my last for big quilts, there are so many other things that I want to try and only so much time.
I had vowed to try some cross stitch, I even bought a little kit. I found it this morning, still in it,s slightly flattened box.

While I think of it I have finally finished with the rag rug making from ages ago. The rug has gone to pastures new and I will not be making another.
If anyone would like to have a bash I have a book, latch hook, cutting guide and some hessian. Once again drop a comment and I will contact you.

Oops, the time is flying and I still have quite a bit to do.  Better get a wriggle on.

                          TTFN                           Pam


  1. Pam, I take a voluntary class for older people and we can always use fabric as we have a budget of zero. Another blogger who has become a friend made a very generous gift earlier, this year and the ladies have so enjoyed using lovely fabric. The ipad uodated this week and I seem to be back commenting as anonymous. Mizzling where we are today as well. Catriona

  2. I will make a parcel up for you, I have loads of threads so will put some in. I also have a bundle of felt squares if they are any good. What does your class include?

    1. Thanks Pam. We are a crafting and sewing class who make anything we can from upcycled fabrics/ donated materials. You are welcome to look on my FB page to see the sorts of things we do. We did patchwork, cushions, mats, tea towel holders and lavender bags from our prevoius donations. ( I suspect you know the lady). We’ve made lots of tote bags as well. Thank you for your kindness. Catriona

  3. PAM... yoo hooooooo PAM... is that you under the bed..:-) I think spring cleaning is in the air.. I am finding things I didn't even know I possessed.

    1. Yoo hooo, I can almost see you through the veil of dusty cobwebs, on my side of course.

    2. That isn't me... I am hiding in my own dust cloud.. I am well hidden :-)

  4. I hope you enjoy the cross stitch, a very therapeutic craft with needle and thread in hand.
    You earned some restful craft time after all that spring cleaning and gardening.

    1. I still have not opened the box, my cataracts are blurring my vision so until they are removed I am sticking to knitting and sewing. I am comfortable with those and have very good lighting which helps enormously.


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