Friday 2 November 2018

Friday musings

I walk Rufus and Ben together every day, we set off along the road and they are full of beans and bounce.They do stop for the odd irresistible scent or 3 but mainly they are letting off steam. Then if we go to the tip their energy levels escalate, this is not good for Rufus so mostly we head for a footpath or lane.
There is one lane in particular, I call it The Lane that Forgot Time. Once you get a few steps in the traffic noise drops away, the dogs slow down to a wander and my mind wanders with them. It feels almost otherworldly, like a scene from a film or a paragraph or so from a novel.

I lose all sense of time and just go with the flow, the first time we did that walk we were gone for 2 hours. Now I have a few landmarks where I know that it is time to turn back. The temptation is to just keep on till we get to never never land, or where ever it leads to.

I was watching a new to me podcast yesterday and the presenter was getting ready to knit her first garment. Her swatch was off the correct gauge and she was not sure what to do. I wanted to put my hand into the telly and give her a little shake.
Her pattern was from an upmarket knitting magazine and her yarn was the cheapest acrylic from a discount store that she could find. This was so that she did not waste too much money if said garment did not fit.
In my mind she should have found her local yarn shop and chosen a budget yarn that had patterns designed for that particular yarn.

I am amazed at the proliferation of You tube channels where people show their shopping off, or how they clean their house. Who watches this? who has time to? Why is it deemed watchable?
Then there is Gogglebox on the TV, Francesca is hooked, or at least she was the last time she was here.

I remember years ago hearing that the number of cook books and programs being published was growing at the exact same rate as ready meals were being developed. DUH1

I seem to be missing something.

Hey ho, it takes all sorts to make a world.

I spend a day making a dress when I could pop to the shop and buy it for less money in 2 minutes.

In my bathroom I have a tall unit that houses all the paraphernalia required and has 2 sections for laundry, light and dark. So why do the SO,s dark socks invariably land in the lights bin. 

On an up note I have made a start on Francesca's crochet blanket and of course I am not following any pattern. I have decided to make 8 round granny squares in solid colours, half in cream and the other half in a selection of 8 colours, I will assemble them like a chess board and then make up a border with the remains of the yarn. If I make 4 squares a day it will be done this month, they are very fast as there are no colour changes, 5 done in no time today. 

Strictly socks tonight as  catch upon Zoe Ball,s show, I saved it up after watching Mondays episode. An easy peasy dinner tonight, I dragged a selection of curries out of the freezer and some naan breads. No prep and minimal washing up.

I have to get 4 more balls of cream yarn for the blanket, the colours that I will have left are ear marked for another blanket for someone else.
While I am ordering that yarn I want to buy some Aran weight wool for a hat for a gift, I have been through the stash and do not have 3 colours that I feel sit right together, This is a colour work double layer hat from one of the Arne and Carlos books, I have one myself and it has been admired by a friend.

Now I think that it is time for a little catch up blog reading.

                            TTFN                                    Pam


  1. I often wonder about the You Tube channels as well. Why do people watch how someone else cleans or cooks? Seems a bit strange to me.

    Hope you can order the yarn you need to finish your projects.

    God bless.

  2. I look at YouTube to show me how to do things. It's an amazing source of information. You are a busy bee for sure.

  3. Lots of exciting knitting and crochet i'll be looking forward to seeing in your future posts.


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