Saturday, 24 November 2018

Shuffle or Juggle.

WIP,s are what I am talking about.

These are the WIP,s that I am working on at the moment, top left is the latest dog blanket.Clockwise from that is a trial set of dog socks (more on those later), a pair of slipper socks, Fran's blanket, A pom pom project (the SO has taken that one over), finished squares for Fran's blanket and in the middle a sweater for Fran that just needs the sleeves attaching.

I consider that I am shuffling these as there is no anxiety about any of them.
Juggling is a busy word, it sounds as though there is lots of pressure to keep them all in the air at once. 

The dog socks are for Ben, he lets Herbie wash his feet and it is pulling the hair out!! I hope that socks will stop it. He was doing it to Ben,s head but a little neat shampoo put a stop to that.

The new dog blanket will be for mainly for Herbie, he loves his blanket and drags it around just like a child.

Every now and then he jumps up to have it admired, regardless as to what you may be doing.

In reality there are only 5 things there now that the SO is making pom poms, I want to make some bunting with them, for a change from the fabric set.

The sweater will be finished off later today and there are only 10 more Granny Squares to make for the blanket. Yes I still have to fasten them together and then crochet a border but that will not take long. The slipper socks are 1/3rd done and are not important, mainly to give my hands a break from the hooking.

I do have other WIPs and they will get their turn in the spotlight.

My month of Hygge is progressing well in most respects, I have cut down on my time here in blogland though. Some days this means that I have to chose between reading or writing, I just go with how I feel at that moment. I choose to avoid any pressure and am comfortable with that choice.

I did go into Ammanford yesterday, I needed some things from Wilco and it was not a good trip. Friday is market day and the town was busy, people pushing and shoving in a hurry to get there first, wherever "there" was.
I had considered doing my shopping, I even took the list, but abandoned the idea. I will go to Pontardawe at a time when it is usually quiet.

Dinner last night was a chilli, made with pork and flavoured at the end with some dark chocolate. It was sumptuous, I served it on a bed of steamed shredded cabbage, it was full of borlotti beans and veggies so rice would have been too much.

Tonight we are having a root vegetable casserole with steamed broccoli and  some Yorkshire Puddings from the freezer. I put the extra ones in from the last roast, much to Ben,s dismay he loves a Yorkie.

I see a small hill of pom poms appearing on the coffee table so I need to go in search of the butchers string (from last years Christmas packaging) to start making this bunting.

                   TTFN                                       Pam

PS. I will be casting on a new pair of socks for Strictly tonight. 
Well, it would be rude not to.


  1. Ooooo, dark chocolate in chili. I bet that was wonderful. Your "shuffling" sounds so much better than juggling.

    God bless.

    1. It was really good, you could not taste chocolate but the chilli had an extra depth.

  2. What a lovely pick 'n mix of WIPs!
    I think it'll be Graeme or Laura off tonight, hope Charles stays in!! So far the public has more or less gone with the leader board but I expect we'll be in for one of these major shock votings off soon.

    1. Well the dance off did have a bit of the shock factor. I still feel that there is a completely open field as to who gets to the final.

  3. I hope you will share the bunting with us. I am making some pom poms to make some penguins, a request from my Grandson.

    1. The SO is talking about Snowmen but penguins sound fun.

  4. Hygge is the way to go in the colder months, slow and steady that's the motto here recently and I like it that way. I'm finding I cant do crowds or noise at the moment... peace and quiet needed.

    1. I am not keen on crowds at any time, I think it goes back to my one and only visit to Harrods White sale. Seeing grown women fighting over bed linen was an eye opener.


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