Friday 16 November 2018

Here we go again

You remember a while ago the upheaval regarding the sewing room?
Well he's been at it again.
This time it was the living room.
All I said was, mmmm, sounds good!

That was my absent minded response when the SO said he was thinking of moving one of the sofa,s and the TV.

Oh My Goodness, what was I thinking. The answer is that I was not thinking at all, I was working out a stitch pattern.

Of course, by the time that reality jumped up and shook me into full awareness it was too late.

The drill was out, rug rolled up, furniture pulled about and the TV off the wall.
This time though all was back to rights before dinner.

Well nearly all, there was still a heap of things strewn around the sewing room. The large coffee table that had been in there for ages was now back in the sitting room. The move round had gained us a huge amount of floor space, and said table now has plenty of space.

I had to move a bookcase and all the yarn that was stored in it and we ran out of steam last night.
First thing this morning it was all put back and is looking good.

The TV mounting holes in the wall have been filled, they will need sanding back before painting but that will be tomorrow.

I must keep my ear alert for any more suggestions,I really do not want the bedrooms turned inside out and upside down this close to Christmas.

Perhaps I should head him off by talking about The Tree and The Decorations. That should give food for thought.

After all the pushing, lifting and shoving yesterday we relaxed in front of the TV. Fran had bought the new Mama Mia film on prime and we watched that. The SO enjoyed it so much that we watched the first one right away.
I really enjoyed the new film and I 'fess up to having a tear or three in the final scenes with Meryl Streep playing the ghost of Donna. It would have been nice to know how Donna died but hey, it is still a good watch.

A top notch "feel good" film. 
With no violence, no filthy language and no gratuitous sex.  
A rare bird indeed.

The knitting continues, cushion covers are cut out with thread and zips at the ready.

B  U  T

Another confession.

All that fabric has been sorted into size groups, pressed and is mostly put away ready for when inspiration strikes.
I say "most" as there are 30 blocks halfway there. I have just finished putting another strip on them and the next step is to press and trim. They are now around 7 - 8" squareish. I will be building them up to 12 1/2" before sewing into a 5 by 6 block quilt top.

Once layered, quilted and finished it will be donated.

I have called it Karma Chameleon as each block starts with either a Red, Gold or Green square. 

Photo to follow once it is presentable.

I am making myself take this steadily, using my interpretation of hygge, the temptation is to just shut myself away and sew till it is done. 

There is always another day tomorrow and I have no need to rush to the finish and miss enjoying the process.

It is now getting towards dinner time for Ben and Herbie so I am off to the kitchen.

I will make a start on our dinner as well, Fish Pie tonight with a sweet potato topping.

                                  TTFN                                 Pam


  1. This made me smile, so often I have nodded or said OK to hubby when I have been knitting and end up saying a while later 'why are you doing that'

  2. Taking your time with sewing just makes sense. Enjoy the process!

    God bless.

  3. At least it's all put back again now and you've gained some space. I hate having jobs done in the house which turn it upside down for weeks on end. I haven't seen the new Mama Mia film, I was going to see it at the cinema before Eleanor went back to uni but we never got round to it.


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