Wednesday 21 November 2018

In The Pink

I was bitten by the bug, the "change it all round" bug. The sewing room has gained a whole heap of space (can you have a heap of space?). The little? sofa has gone to a new home and the storage has been shuffled round giving me more floor space. This will mean that when I am piecing there will be plenty of room to move around the ironing board. 
Even better there is now space to lay out blocks to get a better idea of how they look. No more thundering up and down the stairs, with Herbie in hot pursuit, to lay them on Fran,s bed.

I got a second pair of Coral socks out of the ball simply by adding solid pink cuffs, toes and heels. These are another gift struck off the list.

The first pair.

A pair of mittens, to match the last hat that I knitted for Fran. have been made. Such a quick make, just 2 evenings, I aim to make a cowl as well but that will go into the Christmas box.

A little more work has been done on the scrappy quilt blocks.

I have lots of strips ready for the next few rounds. Some have been created by sewing shorter strips together, this will only add to the overall look.
Some of these fabrics are familiar to me, some are very new but all fill me with joy.
I have decided where this quilt will be going, I hope to get it done and in the post in a couple of weeks.

Herbie had his stitches out, such a relief for both of us. he has been very good at ignoring them, much too good as he has had to be watched like a hawk at all times. He came outside with me a week ago, to play while I pegged out, I looked up to see him jumping up to catch a branch of one of the apple trees. I had visions of ripped stitches and lots of complications.
This has been a theme during the past 2 weeks, he still wants to leap and jump, run up and down the stairs and play leapfrog round the garden pots.

It is no wonder that my hair is just about pure white now. That is not a whinge, I love my hair, in fact I am hoping that the last few strands either fall out or turn white soon, very soon.

I was not happy that all the sites I found to donate my hair will not take it. apparently more than around 10% grey is not wanted.  I would have thought that older women would want a realistic hair colour, I certainly would not want the very blonde hair of my youth. My skin tones would make it look brassy now. Hey Ho, I will continue to let it grow through the winter and then think again when the warm weather comes back.

I made pizza for dinner last night, the dough was wonderful. I used the recipe from Jenny Can Cook on you tube. So easy, no kneading no work. She made hers in what looked like a frying pan, I used a half standard rectangle tin. I did heat a cookie sheet in the oven so the tin went on to a very hot surface. Result,  a lovely crisp bottom.
We don't like soggy bottoms in this house.

Now I have a cuppa to enjoy and then a Herbie who needs a good walk.

                       TTFN                                  Pam


  1. I have not added highlights in my hair since the summer, so my grey is coming through, I happy so far, but will have to see how the real non-colour looks once all the shades have gone. Loads of lovely crafting as normal, love the pink socks, both pairs.

  2. Gorgeous socks, a great gift and loving the mitts, definitely needed today as its a rather chilly wind.
    Enjoy your day Pam

  3. Hiw different the two pairs of socks look with their contast heels and toes-both lovely. Sorting out Christmas Stash and setting the washing machine on ots rounds.

  4. It's a shame that you can't find anywhere to take your hair, I know when Eleanor donated hers it went to a charity that made wigs for children and young people so that's probably why they don't want more than 10% grey. I don't know of any other charities who do the same. The socks look great, it's amazing how far 100 grams goes when you use coordinating yarn for the heels and toes.

    1. i did a search and found a couple of places that make free wigs mainly for older women. They would take my hair but to sell, allegedly to subsidise the ones for patients. I think that my best bet is to contact a charity direct, but that will be in the new year now.

  5. Another one here who's stopping the dye (and growing my hair) for winter, just to see what it's like. At the moment, although grey is certainly coming through, it's not really that noticeable amongst my blonde highlights - well, I certainly notice it but husband hasn't!

    The socks are gorgeous, Pam.

    1. I had a white streak in the centre of my hair line, it runs in the family. Any one remember the Mallen Streak by Catherine Cookson? Over the years that spread and now I am almost pure white.

  6. Beautiful socks!
    You have stunning hair i'd have thought many would be grateful for such a colour. Hey ho.
    Hope you're keeping well, cold now xx

  7. I am refusing to dye/colour my hair. I think I have earned every grey strand.

    I really like those quilt blocks. So bright and cheery.

    God bless.

    1. I have coloured my hair many years ago but could not be bothered with keeping the roots touched up.


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