Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Herbie's big day.

We were at the vet,s on time and Herbie trotted in as usual, perky and quite clearly at ease. He had a once over from the vet and went off with her without a backward glance.

I have to call later and see how things have progressed and find out what time he can be collected.

Rufus had his usual walk and then Ben went out for a short one, he has not looked around for Herbie at all. I expect that he is making the most of the peace and quiet.

I will probably be doing the knitting equivalent of pacing at times during the day. No chores left to do, I was up bright and early this morning and all the jobs are done.

I have Strictly It Takes Two to watch and then there is a sewing podcast that I want to have a look at. Lunch will be whatever I see first in the fridge and dinner will possibly be a chunky pasta sauce poured onto steamed shredded cabbage. I don't fancy pasta and we have had potato in several meals lately. The beany burgers and rice were just the job last night. I added some peppers, sliced red onion and some warm spices and dried basil to the pan before frying the rice and then stirred some petit pois through. All in all a very tasty meal.

I am off to have a look for lunch, I have just remembered that there is a little Tuna, red onion and mayo in a dish. That will be good in a sandwich, there is also a dish of hummus so I may add a little of that as well.

                          TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Good luck to Herbie. xx

  2. Awwww....thinking of you Herbie and Smudge sends a big woof.

  3. Hope all goes well for Herbie. It's good that he's so relaxed about going to the vet....Betty hates it.

  4. Hope the hero is home and happy by now.

  5. Hope the boy is doing well. He may never go off with the vet again so trustingly. Hugs to you all x

  6. Ah you will be fine Herbie. Alfie was OK and enjoyed more pampering. Its always worst for us waiting. xx

  7. Hoping your little chap is home safely and recovering well.


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