Thursday 29 November 2018

Too wet for dust

Wet and Windy was the order of the day. There were a few dry bits so draped from head to foot in waterproofs Herbie and I sallied forth, he was so excited to have his coat on that he spent some time just spinning round in circles.

Not me, I just put my head down and went for it. I must admit that I enjoy my walks even in the rain (not the horizontal sort) and feel quite out of sorts if I miss them.

The crochet blanket is on it's way, 3 rows have been joined and the rest will soon follow. Once the rows are all joined I will take a pic before starting the border, that is still to be decided upon but it will not be lacy. Probably just some rounds of half trebles to give a fairly firm edge.

A few more rounds on the socks this morning while I caught up with Strictly It Takes Two.

There is no real hurry with these, they are for the SO, he knows, and is happy to wait. It isn't as though he is desperate for another pair.

I was watching the news yesterday and was not at all surprised that an amazingly stupid decision has been made by a Social Services  Department. In what reality does it become acceptable to offer contact with the child of a rape attack to the perpetrator?

Then there is the ongoing saga of Brexit, is it about the money? As one person said, when we were asked to vote in or out no mention was made of how it would effect us money wise.

The amount of scaremongering that took place in the run up to the referendum ensured that most of the country had no idea what any of it was about.

That's quite enough of that.

I am determined to finish working through the yarn, fabric and pattern stashes for at least another year.


I watch Skeindeer and she has 3 new patterns out this week. Then Julia The Happy Knitter was showing some amazing yarn today, temptation is lurking round every corner.

I must be firm.

I did manage to resist all the yarn advent calendars with no problem. 
A, they are hugely expensive. 
B, most of them are mini skeins, which I rarely use and 
C, I like to choose my own yarn.

I have managed to break a couple of my knitpro interchangeable needles, of course they are 2 different sizes. The replacements will have to wait until January, I just do not want to take the time to order them never mind spending more money. I do have fixed circs in the same sizes so all is not lost. My set of Chiaogoo,s are wonderful but not for magic loop. 
I have been looking at 12" circs for sleeves but will continue to use magic loop, I do not get ladders so it would be a definite want not a need. Perhaps I should sent a letter to father Christmas......

Right it is gone 6 and I have things that need doing.

                                 TTFN                              Pam


  1. I must admit that I am more of a spectator when it comes to rain. I love to see it thrashing down the windows but I don't really like being out in it.
    Social Services are involved in my BIL's problems and their behaviour and the decisions they make shock the hell out of me. I don't understand how they get away with it.
    Have a good day.

  2. I have been trying to walk Mickey in between the downpours but the wind is breath taking so his walks have been short and sweet.

  3. I heard the news about the rape victim and contact .... the mind boggles who makes these decisions.


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