Monday 12 November 2018

Winding Down

November is often a filthy month as far as weather is concerned, wind, rain, fog and frost, and then a bit more of each.
My weekend of Hygge is going to be drawn out to cover the rest of the month. Friday night and Saturday went very well, lots of bits and bobs tidied away ( why am I constantly tidying? ) and empty spaces created. just like neutrals and solids on a quilt they give the eye somewhere to rest. 
Sunday was a day to remember all those who served, not just the fallen. Many members of my family were there, quite amazingly they all came back although they were all deeply affected. Of course I only know this through years of family gatherings and listening to the ensuing conversations.

I want to start winding down the projects and WIPS that are filling my space, and mind, with noise. It seems like a constant chatter almost nagging me to get them dealt with.

I also want to use the rest of the year to finish off some knitting WIPS, there are not many, a dk cardigan, a chunky cardigan and 3 jumpers, 2 chunky, 1 Aran. At least those are the ones that come to mind, I will have to check to make sure.

The oldest is around 2 years old, and just needs the sleeves finishing. I am not on "sleeve island" with it, I just got bored with SS and went on to some patterned things. Then discovered the wonder that is sock knitting.
The other 4 have been getting a little attention here and there but went into the shadows when gift kitting commenced.
I am well into my list now, and one of the jumpers has been dragged into the light and will become a gift.

Then there are the quilt tops waiting to be finished off and 2 quilts still in blocks. 

I would love to see them finished by the end of the year, in reality that means before Dec 24th as it will be the Christmas Eve cast on.

I know that this is nigh on impossible, but I am going to give it my best shot.

That cast on is usually socks but this year may be a pair of Norwegian mittens from my Arne and Carlos book.

I have started thinking about next years projects and will be starting a new project on January 1st. I have not decided on what just yet but it will be a garment.
Rather than just diving into the yarn stash and knitting randomly I would like to have a somewhat structured plan. With that in mind I have unearthed a hardcover notebook which will become my journal.

There will be socks, I like a portable project, but not nearly as many pairs as this year.
I have the Arne and Carlos book of Christmas baubles and would like to work my way through that. Not for the tree but to make a garland, I think that it would be amazing.

In the sewing department I hope to make some scrappy projects, I am certain that between my scrap drawers and the drawer of part made scrappy blocks I can fashion 2 quilts.

I know that there will be temptations along the way, and I know equally that I will succumb to some of them. To help me resist that I will be making a detailed list of projects for the year, that will include spaces for spontaneous making.

Wish me the strength of mind to adhere to that.

As to my mind, it has been a bit scattered lately, I find that I am almost reluctant to leave the house unless it is essential. The only exception to that is the dog walking, that I look forward to every day.
I do not feel ill or depressed (mind you getting soaked to the skin by the sudden downpours is getting beyond a joke) I am just happy in my own skin and my own home. I see my neighbours every day, I chat to the other walkers and their dogs. I do not spend much time on social media as there is always something that I would rather use my time for.
I am not a vain person, I wear no cosmetics or jewellery and fashion is a stranger to me. I am however very aware of the state of my teeth, I have gaps and there is still work to be done. It will be a while yet before those gaps can be plugged. Meanwhile I am still lisping along with the best of them and that niggles, quite a lot.

I do get enquiring looks from those I speak to who are not in the know. I just ignore it but try not to put myself in those situations.

I feel that it sounds as though I have a bit of the " Greta Garbo" complex, not so. I hope not anyway.

I hope that once this grim month is over the joy of December will kick the November blues into touch.

If I am absent for a day or so it will just be that I have immersed myself into the current WIP, the rest of today is devoted to a sewing project that has been loitering for several months. I bought the fabric last February, cut it out and then promptly abandoned it. My reasoning was that it was a Christmas project so there was no rush, and now there are only a handful of weeks left.

On that happy note I will wish you a lovely day, wherever you are.

                               TTFN                               Pam


  1. Gosh.You are going to be busy.Good luck with all your projects and photos,please,as you finish them.

  2. Your mind sounds like mine. I lay in bed at night working things our and designing things, Good luck with getting things finished, you'll feel great if you can do this.
    Don't talk about socks, I have one finished and the other half done. I keep saying I must finish it but other things get in the way. Sunny here today but rain on the way.

  3. sounds like a grand plan, I have given up knitting plans as I always get lead astray away by pretty yarns ..

  4. Extending the hygge sounds good...but is that not at odds with doing all those WIPs? Erm, apparently not, on looking up the actual meaning of hygge....a special feeling or moment, which I guess you'll get from finishing some WIPs. Your poor mouth, Pam, I hadn't realised it was still ongoing - no wonder you're in need of a bit of comfort! I had one (my first ever) tooth out this Spring and often feel self conscious about it when talking to people.

  5. I'm not sure I even know what the word structured means at the moment Pam. My mind seems to be scattered to the four winds and I can't settle to anything crafty. Maybe a good tidy up will get me started as I seem to have stuff all over the place that needs a home finding for it.
    I will start on that next week when Roz has gone back to work.

  6. I would love a more structured craft list, but more often than not projects are abandoned because the family have asked for something.

  7. I could have written your post myself, home and quiet seems to feed my soul at the moment. I'm don't do social media, just the blog. I've got a Latvian mitten pattern and wool that I am keen to have a go at over the winter but have a few small gifts that need making first. Sending you my best wishes Pam xx

  8. Those WIP Christmas gifts are sneaky little things, aren't they? ;-)

    Wishing you focus, concentration and fun finishing your current WIPs. And good luck and enjoyment with your 2019 plans!


  9. Pam, I was born in February 1946. Although my father did not serve in the US military, he worked in the shipyards throughout the war. When I was a kid, everything that was ever said was prefaced with "before the war," "during the war," and "after the war." When I mention this to others of my age, they all nod knowingly. Once in awhile, a sentence would begin "During the Depression..." The big events in my lifetime have been Kennedy's assassination and the twin towers, but they haven't taken over the vocabulary.

  10. I finished all the knitting projects I had on the go at the end of last year so that I could cast on a whole new batch of projects on the 1st of January and it felt so good. It was a lot of fun casting on so many lovely things at once knowing that there was nothing else wanting my attention.


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