Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Still Standing, but only just

It's me! I'm back!

My travel at the weekend was tiring and by Monday I was so stiff from sitting that I could have done with a rub down with The Sporting Life and some horse liniment.
Anyhow, Francesca is moved although I seem to have as much of her stuff here as we have taken out. Ben thoroughly enjoyed going to London and went into the house and took over. One of the sharers is a Police Officer and Ben put on his "love me " face, done job, 1 hour of tummy rubbing and ear tickling and a bit of catch. No not me, Ben.

Beckenham is a very lively area, lovely shops in the centre, and where she is it is a secluded road of large family homes. Free  Parking!! in the large driveway. Once she has sorted out her room and storage the rest of her stuff is going to join her.

This is Ben squirming with happiness on the sofa with Fran, he absolutely adores her.

This is his "it wasn't me, I didn't do it look" usually seen after he has thrown all the cushions on the floor.

I am remiss, I wish to offer a big welcome to some new friends, Lisa, I may have welcomed you before ( forgetful and scatty). Blondie from Derbyshire, I visit there quite often. Love the Mall in Derby. Patricia who lives just up the road and round the corner from me in Peterborough and blogs at Tarragon & Thyme, go check her recipes out YUM. Then there is Lola of And sew on, I found her on a blog hop and had to follow, I love finding new quilting blogs. BEST bit is while I was there I left a comment and won a giveaway, how good is that. I will do a show and tell later. She will be in the thick of Thanksgiving now, imagine doing the full on Roast Turkey now and then again for Christmas, poor timing or what.

I have been to see Miss Whiplash   The Physio this afternoon and what she does to me is awful, it hurts, and Wonderful, when the pain goes so does some of the stiffness. A hot bath and then a hot waterbottle helps with that.

Dinner tonight is a doozy, Bangers and Mash and Mushy Peas. Cheap, cheerful and delish, nothing like Nursery food to lift the spirits.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. New friends.

2. My winnings, of course I am grateful.

3. My beautiful Ben.

4. A gift of free range eggs.

5. The knowledge that it is highly unlikely that I will suffer from  blizzard, hurricane, twister, flash fire or flooding so bad that I lose everything.

I am so grateful for all the little things, it is easy to be grateful for the big joys in life but we mostly tend to take all the little ones for granted. Driving back from the Physio and seeing a field in bright sunshine and a layer of mist about a foot deep laying over it was magical, I just wish that I had got my camera.
The fact that no matter how much we whinge about our weather, we do not suffer from the extremes that seem to be happening so frequently across the world.
The UK may not be hot or exotic but by and large it is safe. And it is never predictable, remember The Big Blow and Michael Fish.

I have been plugging away with my sewing and have some things to share but they can wait, the kettle is singing, dinner smells good and all is well in my world. I hope that you can all say much the same.

TTFN                     Pam


  1. Aw that face is adorable lol. I hope your back is feeling better very soon.

    1. Many thanks, my physio is very good and she laughs when I call her Miss Whiplash.

  2. Ben is sooo handsome and he must melt hearts wherever he goes. Glad you got back ok.

    1. Ben is just adorable and a total flirt. The journeys went well, but I will go by train next time.

  3. Hi Pam, you're right about the little things, we need to pay attention to them and be grateful. We have a quote in our bathroom that says "A grateful person is rich in contentment" I would agree with that statement. Enjoy your bangers & mash - sounds delish!

    1. They were very good, I made the mash with a good spoonful of wholegrain mustard. I am grateful for so much every day.

  4. Glad the move went well and Fran is living in a nice area. Ben is adorable. Hope you're now recovered from your torture at the physio.

    1. Fran is settling in well, she is off to the gym tonight with her friend. I am over the torture and sewing a quilt top together, I have 2 done ready to baste but that will have to wait a while yet.

  5. Gosh .. bet you are exhusted .. be gentle with yourself for a couple of days ... enjoy your sewing.

    Vicky x

    1. It is strange how lying on a table and being pushed, pulled and pummeled tires you out, I get home and all I want to do is snooze.


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