Thursday 28 November 2013

Christmas is here, well almost.

I have finished Francesca's new quilt top, over the next 2 days I will get the wadding and decide on the backing. I am going to make it reversible, I am sure you will understand why when you see it.

It is a big one and once quilted I will be able to get a better photo.

It is a "cheats" version of Cathedral Windows using fabric from Kate Spain, one of my favourite designers. I may have mentioned that Fran is a Christmas fiend, she loves it and has snaffled her Christmas cushions already. I am going to make it reversible so that she can use it all year round. This will have to be the last one for her as she will have 6.

I have had an interesting day, I have been cadging a lift to walk Ben with a friends dog, round a set aside field in the next village. This afternoon he came face to face with a feral chicken, the bird lost some feathers and Ben collected a few pecks and a wounded pride. Then he got a severe telling off from me, his playmate just looked on with disdain written all over his face.
He needs to learn better, next time it could be a rat that will attack.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Ben did not catch the chicken.

2. The chicken did not catch Ben.

3. My friend was helpful in keeping her dog, Gin, back. 

4. Gin was so good and sat and stayed.

5. I have a long lead for Ben tomorrow.

Once I have full mobility Ben will be back to long road walks, until then being on a lead will perhaps teach him a lesson.

I sent a present off to my Brother and SIL in Perth today and have just spotted their Christmas Card on the side, oh well it can go tomorrow.
I have 2 more to get in the post and that will be done for the year. Fran is having her quilt, a stack of books and some bits and bobs. We decided to keep it low key this year because of her move and my hopes to sell and move.

I watched the second episode of Nigel and Adam's Farm program this afternoon, it is good. 

I was in bed by 9. last night and asleep by 2 minutes later, The massage and exercise wear me out goodness knows why, I am after all lying down!

Dinner tonight is Brisket in a spicy marinade in the slow cooker, with a selection of fresh veg, the leftovers will make rissoles for several meals.

Talking of dinner, the smell from the kitchen is fantastic so I am off to investigate.

             TTFN                                        Pam


  1. I really like the colours in Fran's quilt. Hope you soon start to ache less.Dinner sound lovely

  2. Its looking very pretty.

  3. Brilliant idea to have the quilt reversible, Pam so it can be enjoyed all year round. I always felt like going to sleep after my aromatherapy massage, so I used to have them in the evening, and drove home v..e...r...y slowly!


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