Wednesday 20 November 2013

Mid Week Makes

I like Wednesday, there are those who call it "the hump", I see why. Once you are over it is downhill all the way to the weekend. For me it means that the bins have been emptied, all the recycling is gone and my cubby hole where they live is empty, clean and tidy.
I have done the big cleaning, windows, paintwork, (I hate skirting boards) and just have to clean as I go, Then on Friday I have a blitz through and it is done until Monday.

My car went in for the MOT today and I had intended to get out in the garden, HUH. Rain, wind more rain until about 2. then when it was too late the sun showed its face. At least Ben was happy, he got a brisk walk in the dry and then came with me to get the car.

I played some more with my 2 1/2" squares,

Woo Hoo all the strips are done.

The last handful of selvedge edges, I will make something with these one day, I have been saving them for ages.

The first 2 blocks, I have a lot of sliver trimming in front of me.

Dinner tonight is a mish mash, I raided the Left Overs Bag in the freezer. I pulled out some ribs in a marinade, 2 pork belly slices that had been coated with some chinese sauce, a chicken breast that I sliced and soaked in a red chilli and honey sauce and 2 pork chops in a marinade. A meat overload but we will not eat it all, some will go in tomorrows fried rice. I will serve couscous and salad Yum.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Easy Peasy dinner.

2. Lots of fiddly sewing done.

3. A parcel from Lakeland full of goodies arrived.

4. Heston was on the telly, he went down well with a cup of mint tea.

5. I recorded Elementary and watched that with a bit of hand sewing. Nice work if you can get it. he he.

I do not spend all my time in front of the goggle box, but I was on the sofa so I indulged.

I am recording a new program with Nigel Slater tonight, hopefully I will get round to watching it this week.

TTFN                                                Pam


  1. If that is the farming one with Adam Henson I am recording it as well - it looked good!

    1. It is, I am looking forward to watching it.

  2. I spy some Bonnie & Camille fabrics in your stash Pam! Aren't they lovely? Your colours are nice and bright. Do you have Camille's books? She has two really good quilt books out and her blog is always fun to read. Just in case you haven't seen it! Enjoy your TV shows.

    1. I have used a great deal of Bonnie and Camille fabrics, Have you seen April Showers, it is out in pre cuts, I will wait for yardage. I have Camille,s first book, her second is on my wish list. I follow both her and Bonnie, I am thinking of doing Camille.s Crafty Class.


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