Friday 1 November 2013

The Beast Is Tamed

Well if not completely tamed under close control.

He He, just kidding, Ben is just having a little snooze after a longish walk and the excitement of meeting a new dog in the village, a Beagle cross puppy. Lots of bouncing up and down and a little swing from one of Ben's ears.

You may not have noticed but I am a bit of a flibbertigibbet  I start a project and then new ideas come flooding in and I want to start another, rinse and repeat, I have to force myself to batten my mind down and focus. I still mange to have a few things on the go though. The real problem here is that when I finish one thing I still have more in progress, this means that I never get to grips with all the left over fabric. 
The smaller bits are no trouble they go into my scrappy crumb bin and when it gets full I make improvised blocks by sewing them onto strips of paper. When I have enough of these they are quick to sew together and tun into what ever I fancy.

It is the bigger bits that mount up, more than a 5" square and less than a fat quarter. I 'fess up to having 2 large bins full. I follow both Lori Holt and Bonnie Hunter, both prolific quilters and authors, both keeping their scraps under tight control. PING I have to buckle down and do the same, it will make my sewing storage neater and make it easier to use up my scraps as leaders and enders.

2" and 3" strips

3 1/2" strips and a pile of trimmings to be used for stuffing.

2 1/2" and 5" squares, the building blocks of many quilt patterns.

A pile of odd shaped trimmings for my scrappy paper pieced blocks and a pile of odd sized strips.

The latter will feature in some "wonky" Log Cabin blocks.
I normally make log cabin blocks with strips all the same width but saw one on a blog last week where the maker had just used every sized strip that she had and I liked it.
2 days cutting, pressing and more cutting, aching shoulders and a sore wrist, lots of tea breaks and Ben breaks. It is done, at least i have done as much as I can do for now, my newly sorted scraps need to be housed in separate containers. I have stacks of plastic and will sort through them later. 
The two boxes that I emptied? Oh I filled them before I started cutting so that I had to get the job done now instead of later.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A job well done.

2. Order where once there was chaos.

3. Ben being as cuddly as he can.

4. A dry and warm day.

5. New recipes to try from a follower

The person responsible for my expected weight gain is Shaz Frugal Goddess. You can find her by looking at the comments on yesterdays post and clicking on her name.

I will be making pitta bread, oat bread and Apple and Walnut cake.
Dirt Under My Fingernails, very recently discovered, has to take some of the blame as I will be cooking her Grans Fruity Cakey Dessert as well. Thank goodness for Nev.

Now I am hungry and need a cup of tea before I walk Ben.

TTFN                                           Pam


  1. You had me fooled for a moment, I thought you were refering to Ben!. I am a bit like you always have seeral projects underway. The other week I sorted all my wools into colowur groups and put them into plastic bags, wonder how long they will stay like that. Pleased you like the recipes, that desert is lovely. I lessen the damage of baking by giving some to two elderly housebound neighbours that I keep an eye out for every week.

    1. As soon as i pressed publish I realised what I had done, I will give the other culprit her mention. I just love to bake and i have my lovely neighbour Nev to munch through the excess.


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