Sunday, 17 November 2013

Oh Oh OH It is Sunday

I have been to see the Physio, she made me stand on one leg, twist, turn lean here and there all the while wielding a measuring stick. She poked, pressed twisted and turned my legs until I felt like Twizzle!

She made me lie on a hard mat and balance my nether regions on a block of very hard foam and stretch, I had to curl my knees up and rock backwards and forwards.

The verdict is that my lumbar discs are compressed. I have to start a regime of exercises to loosen up so that they can re-hydrate themselves. This will take 4 weeks to build up to the complete routine and then it is possibly for ever.

Years of heavy lifting have taken their toll and now I am paying the price.

I will not be able to manage my garden, it is just too big. Stairs will become an issue so it looks like a bungalow is in my future.

I can do that, I can and will do what it takes, this is nothing compared to what many have to deal with.

I am still walking Ben, still cooking, still sewing and all the other things that are part of my life.
At the moment I am not driving, it is a bit too risky for me and anyone else out there.

I have been sewing, not as much as usual but enough to keep me quiet.

I want to make a table runner for someone, I looked in blogland and found this, I made 4 but it is not quite right.

I had a little play and found the "snowing" fabric ( I have this in several colours )  so had a go at this.

I have made 6 and have 2 more cut out, I was going to sash them but have decided just to sew them together, put a border or two on and quilt and bind them. I tried 1 with a narrow trunk and it looked like a dirty mark so went for this size.
I will show you tomorrow what it looks like.

Then I got really daring, I had a class booked at Button Up and Stitch to make a messenger bag. swallowed the pills and got a lift there and back.

Front with a full sized flap

Inside showing a pocket and the magnetic catch.

Back view, with a zipped pocket.

I used the "snowing" fabric as it went well with the little birds that I fell in love with.

Considering how rough I felt I am more than happy with my bag. But, I am going to alter the pattern. I would like the flap shorter and with a loop and toggle closure, the corners to be rounded and I want to add a layer of fleece to make it softer and to protect the contents more.
I do have 2 books on bag making I just have not got around to much more than a quilted tote bag. Not good. I enjoyed making this and see a few more in my future.

I also had a parcel from Switzerland on Saturday.

It is my Santa Swap for this year, my parcel should be in the post by next Thursday, I am waiting for a delivery to replace an item that arrived broken. It is annoying but i do not need to post until 1st December.

I have 2 more ready to go and will send them all on their way together.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. At last a diagnosis and the relevant treatment.

2. A few hours out sewing with like minded people.

3. Fran,s packing is completed.

4. A quiet week ahead,no deadlines to meet.

5. My Christmas sewing is all done.

I do enjoy making all the Christmas gifts but get side tracked into making more than I need to just to try ideas out. There are just so many things I want to make, I may have to have a yard sale to make room.

TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Hi Pam, so sorry to hear about your back, at last now you have a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan. I hope you find a just right for you place when you come to move. I love the bag, the bird print is lovely.

    1. At one point I had my bum up on a block with my knees up and spread, I expected my feet to be in stirrups and a gaggle of doctors peering at me.

  2. Hi Pam, mixed news I guess. As you say at least you have a diagnosis and can start to plan your future knowing what is best for you. When you move I hope you will be able to continue gardening, maybe using raised beds instead of ground level? The bag is lovely, as are all of your creations, I bet you felt better for being sharing a pleasant experience with other people. Hope you are feeling better soon. X

    1. I would like to be able to garden, if only in a glasshouse. I loved my afternoon out but i have paid the price today.

  3. Pam, I do hope you can be pain free eventually. I do love all your makes, you are so clever and try as I might I can never quite get anything I am working on to look as I want it to. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

    1. I am hardly ever totally satisfied with my work, I have an inbuilt need to fiddle, twiddle and tweak what ever I am doing. It can be a recipe or a quilt, even with the bag I bound some of the edges just because I could.

  4. You are such a determined person that you will find the right way, for you, of dealing with this medical issue. I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for you to move to and the raised beds sound like they would certainly help. If I lived closer it would be great fun to chauffeur you around!!

    1. I wish, I have a dear friend,Liz, who loves Canada. She saves like mad and goes every other year for a month. She hopes to retire there, she has clung onto her too big house in the hope that the sale will fund this dream.


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