Thursday 21 November 2013

Up to my ears in it.

Packing that is, the cottage looks like the packing department of an on line store. We are in imminent danger of death by parcel tape and it may be soggy cardboard boxes for dinner! Only kidding, its faggots, mash and peas.
I usually love all the hustle and bustle of packing up and moving, but this is not my move. I did not realise just how much stuff Francesca had, and neither did she.
I have a track in my bedroom from the door to the window and back round the bed. I have to lean over cases and boxes to get to the wardrobe. 
Her room is as bad if not worse and I have at least 5 more boxes to be filled. It all has to be done and dusted by bedtime tomorrow as we are leaving at 6 on the dot with both cars filled to the brim.
I may make a second trip on Sunday, if I can stand it, or it will have to wait until she comes back for Christmas.
I am so glad that the freezer is full of Ding Dinners as there will not be much cooking done for a week.
My plans for next week are as follows:-
A, Empty Francesca's room, clean and decorate, lay a new carpet and hang new curtains.

B, Re instate this as my sewing room. ( there will still be room for visits)

C, Blitz my room, disposing of everything that I no longer need or want.

D, Decorate my room, hang new curtains, ( I will sleep in Fran's room while this happens)

E, Starting with the bathroom rinse and repeat till the whole cottage has had a "do over"

F, Put it on the market and hopefully get a quick sale.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A gloriously sunny day.

2. 2 loads of washing blowing on the whirlygig.

3. 12 more blocks completed in my new quilt.

4. Well stocked cupboards  so I do not have to shop for ages.

5. A bottle of very very good Shiraz, just in case.

I will probably not blog any more until Sunday, not enough hours in the day, plus I have to find out how to add a link to another blog so I can do the Sunshine Award post, Thank Goodness for Google.

             TTFN                                 Pam

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye. Driving into London and out! YUK YUK YUKKITY JUK.


  1. You are a far braver person than me, no way would I even think about driving in and around London - yikes!

    1. I put my faith in Tom Tom, and the area we are heading for is pretty straight forward. When I was driving a car transporter i went into London twice a week.

  2. Your plans for next week look as if they might take longer than a week!

    1. That was a case of fingers going faster than brain. I intend to get Fran,s room done and then work my way through the rest.

  3. All the best & keep taking the meds, you may need them after all that lifting and driving

    1. I will not be lifting anything heavier than a mug of tea, and I have planned 2 breaks in each direction.

  4. I hope the move goes well. We were also surprised by how many boxes got filled when my son moved into student accomodation in September. I hate to think what it will be like when - eventually - my DD3 and her boyfriend move out. She has so many clothes and so much make up their bedroom is overflowing. I'm envious of you having a sewing room, though. I'd love to turn son's old room into one but he'll be back for the holidays and we don't know what will happen when his course ends next June so its not worth making plans. There's talk of him and his girlfriend moving in together...I'm kind of hoping they don't mean moving in here together as DD3's boyfriend has lived with us for 6 years. Once everyone has finally moved out we'll also be putting the house on the market and hopefully moving somewhere smaller and easier to look after than this draughty old Victorian ice box.

  5. Thank you so much for your visit and comment over at my place. I've enjoyed my visit here to your place.

    Best wishes to you and to Francesca on the big move! Do take good care of that back.

  6. Pam, good luck driving through London, you mad and brave woman!! And hope your home is soon back to normal. Bless you for mentioning faggots mash and peas, I think we shall have that tomorrow - I need to make some more and freeze some.

  7. Hope you've survived the weekend and all is well with you


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