Friday, 8 November 2013

Who nicked my sunshine?

I was up and about early this morning, bright sunshine streaming through the windows by the time my washing machine had chomped through 2 loads.  Whizzed it out on the twirly whirly thingamajig and off out with Ben. a quick 20 minute walk and off to market, veg and milk in the car and home again.

Tea and cereal for me and breakfast for Ben, washing up, ironing and a quick sprint with Little Gem.

All the penny patch and plain blocks made and sewn into a 43" by 57" quilt top. I want to put 2 borders round and am juggling fabrics, I have to make my mind up soon as I want this made and quilted next week. It is for James and Cerys, I may have to post it as I can not see my way clear to get to Wales before Christmas.

I fiddled around tidying some more scraps away and gave Little Gem a defluff and a new needle ready for the next session. Then realised that it was very grey. Washing in and folded just as the heavens opened and chucked it down.  English weather, don't you just love it.

We are having a meal I saw on food network a few days ago tonight, chicken breast sliced fairly thin, seasoned and dipped into a simple batter of flour, water and spices then fried. Served in a "biscuit" with grated cheese and "gravy". For those with no idea what I mean, A biscuit is much like a big scone, I make the dough very soft and pat it out and fold a few times before cutting and cooking. Gravy is made by frying off onions and little balls of sausage meat, adding cornflour to make a roux and stirring in enough milk to make a thick sauce, I add plenty of seasoning and a little mustard, I also make sure that I scrape all the little bits off the pan bottom.

I usually cook something new on Saturdays but we are going to visit Francesca's Grandfather tomorrow, he is not very well and it is about 6 weeks since we were there last.
I have just noticed my parcels still on the coffee table, they should have been posted this morning, it will be Monday now. 

Reasons to be grateful.

1. English weather, never boring.

2. Pain free after an iffy night.

3.  A new episode of Big Bang Theory to watch later.

4.  3 library books left to read.

And I saved the best till last.

5. My copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting came through the letter box this morning. 

That means that once Ben has had his next walk and dinner is prepped I will brew a pot of tea and retire to the sofa for at least an hour. The drawbridge will be raised and the portcullis lowered, life outside the living room will cease.

          TTFN                                                            Pam          

BTW last night,s Hot Pot was lovely, the chilli and spices had intensified and there are 2 more servings in the freezer. I think I can have a week off cooking soon and we can have ding dinners.


  1. That sounds very tasty. The quilt looks great.

    1. It was very tasty. The first border is on the quilt and the second is cut.

  2. I love the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is so like my grandson, who has Aspergers. He and I both see the likeness and swap notes on each episode. One of the funniest programmes on TV.
    Like the sound of your gravy.

    1. I roll around when I watch it, I would be hard pressed to have a favourite character, they are the perfect example of the total value of a team being greater than the sum total of the individual parts.. I do like Amy though, the spanking episode was so funny.

  3. Oooo I do love that quilt pattern, and it looks simple too - although I would probably have to hand stitch (no machine at present) but it is so impressive; just the thing for using up very small 'offcuts'. The weather is just pants for getting the washing dry at present, but it is typically British!

  4. It went together very quickly, the penny patch should be made with 2" strips but I used 2 1/2" as I had stacks of them and this was part of my "use it up" theme.I will decide whether to layer and quilt or back it with minky once the final border is on. Both options are good, minky is not good to sew but then it will be a big quilt to baste,

  5. The chicken tea sounds delicious! We're having some bargain braising steak. I've finally finished the cardi I was knitting and have made some ginger nuts today too! Tumbled the towels as it's too rainy to peg out! Off to make some cake pops in my new cake pop mould before mt beloved Wales play rugby!! Pictures of the cardi on my blog - it too will be posted on Monday

  6. That chicken dish looks nice, I loved the colours in your quilt, makes me want to start, as if I need another hobby! I found myself looking at sewing machines the other day, and then I saw the quilting materials, oh dear! Last night I watched some UTube quilting how tos, I think I am slowing being sucked in! I love the Big Bang Theory, it cracks me up.


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