Tuesday 19 November 2013

Sew far Sew good

Late on parade, oops, I have noe excuse. What I do have is a kitchen full of baking, an empty ironing basket and a stack of strips with a white square pinned on ready to push through Little Gem.
All my tree blocks are finished and I may have changed my mind  (again) ( do I even have a mind) ( am I on auto pilot). More of that later.

I have made 2 of each of these to go with the 2 I showed you yesterday.

I decided to spend some quality time in the kitchen after walking Ben out 3 times in the glorious sun shine, he had an extra walk as it may be the last time we see sun for a few days.
I rustled these up and some more of the same that has gone to new homes.

We had roast Lamb on Sunday so I chopped some of the meat up, mixed it into some gravy with a tsp of mint sauce and made some Tiddy Oggies. I made 8 big sausage rolls the rest are in the fridge, 2 in mine and 4 in Neville's.

Some Apple Crumbles with the apple cooked to a puree, just how Francesca likes them, and Demarara sugar in the crumble for the crunch.

I had a little pastry left so made a simple plum jam tart.

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon, I have a batch of mincemeat planned for tomorrow and a couple of cakes. I have a fruit cake recipe that uses a jar of mincemeat and will be making 2 hence the need to make some more.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Sunshine all day.

2. Watching Ben enjoying the Lamb bone.

3. All set up to sew my white squares on the strip sets.

4. Francesca has Friday off to do the last minute packing.

5. A box of goodies is on it's way here.

 Just to put the icing on the cake if you read yesterdays comments you will see that I have a little bit of extra sunshine coming my way, nice.
                  TTFN                    Pam


  1. Those sausage rolls look divine! Lovely looking pastry Pam. I love your reasons to be grateful every post - keep 'em coming!

  2. Ooooo your baking looks tasty. I love your trees too,very pretty

  3. Morning Pam,
    Sun has just risen here. Thanks for popping in. It was weird as I had just read your blog and seen your lovely cooking. I'm a dog lover too. Ben sounds very lucky! My mum has 4 little ones, all soooo spoilt.
    All this reading about food has made me hungry.

    Have a great day, love your blog.

    Much love
    Sarah x

  4. hello pam , if we have beef on a sunday i use any left over beef some onions , diced potatoes and gravy , to make a pie , will have to blog about it next time i do it xx


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