Tuesday, 12 November 2013

By Heck it's Been a Lovely Day

The sun has been shining since quite early, Ben has enjoyed 2 long walks in the warmth of it. I have spent my time sewing, cooking and reading. Lovely Day.

This was gifted to me at the weekend, I have seen it but never bought a copy, I love magazines but they are very expensive and my storage space is finite, and getting full.

It is full of bright colours, lots of adverts which I will ignore and several freebies which I will enter to win, well someone will win them.

It came with a free novel, I passed that on already. It also had a small pack of felt and bits and bobs to make these little things.
The templates are included and I will photocopy them at various sizes, buy some bigger pieces of felt and make a little family. I am not sure whether I like the Fox or the Squirrel the most. I feel a visit to Button Up and Stitch coming on.

Three fruit loaves, 1 for each neighbour and 1 for us, I tried it while warm from the oven, well it was a new recipe, ooh nice, no need for butter I will make it again but will add more cinnamon.

More Wholemeal bread from my Polish Organic flour, very tasty and not in the slightest bit naughty, well not yet anyway. I will slice these when cold and freeze them. we do not eat a huge amount of bread and I do not want it to spoil.

My final bake was this pair of fresh pineapple cakes. I got 2 big pineapples for £1 on Burton Market Saturday. Some I had fresh, some went into these and the rest is frozen.

This is ready for me to make a batch of chutney, all I have to do is dig out the recipe, get the rest of the ingredients out and tomorrow morning it will be made. This is for my hampers and will be ready by Christmas, it doesn't need 3 months to mellow like some chutneys. Date, Orange and Apricot it even sounds a bit Christmassy.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A house full of the smells of baking.

2. Cottage Pie, made earlier, ready to pop in the oven for dinner.

3. Empty laundry and ironing baskets.

4. No pain at all.

5. A pile of little sewing jobs done.

My sewing was nothing spectacular, buttons needing replacing, a hem to sew up, a zip to replace, all that kind of thing. It had been looking at me for far too long and now it is done.

Tonight I am going to sew the strip sets for the Oz quilt, it will be a fast make, I already have the batting and backing.
I have my swap partner for the Christmas Cracker Swap, I read her blog and know exactly what I am doing. I just have to find out her colour preference and I will be away.

I just need to shred some cabbage and cut some broccoli florets and dinner will be sorted.

                                        TTFN      Pam

PS . Does any one read The Iowa Housewife blog, it is on my list. There are some brilliant recipes and I have not had a failure yet. Todays was a bread recipe to keep in the fridge, you just take the dough out in the morning and have fresh rolls in no time. Guess what I will be doing after dinner.

1 last pic from my mag.


  1. Ooo I like the sound of that chutney ... tell us more!
    Glad you had a nice day .. it was lovely here too ..nice and sunny.

    Vicky x

    1. recipe now shared, it is as nice today as yesterday, long may it last. Pam

  2. Great mag. I've been cooking up some Autumn chutney today,to give as Christmas gifts. Your baking looks lush

    1. Are you going to share the recipe, I am making your Chili Jam at the weekend.

  3. I enjoy the Iowa Housewife blog, but it always makes me hungry! Your baking looks delicious too!

    1. I like the fact that the fat and sugar content is included, I can substitute some times, but I share my baking and the calories.

  4. I love craft mags, love getting them out and having a good look through for a new project. I have a sizeable collection now (2 bookcases stuffed full). I've cut down on buying them because of the cost; most are over £4 and a lot are £5 plus. But I sometimes take up email offers of 3 issues for £3 or 5 for £5 by direct debit. I subscribe until the offer period ends and the full price is due to kick in and then I cancel. Is that bad of me? The idea is for the companies to entice you in and then they probably think you'll either love it so much you'll keep on subscribing or simply forget to cancel. Every now and then I have a clear out of mags and donate some to charity shops but a lot of them won't take magazines now. I don't know why because I love having a rummage through a good pile of used mags and have acquired quite a few this way usually for around 50p each. I'm planning on a lazy day tomorrow before my busy day on Thursday so I might spend and hour or so going through my mags and then choose a project for the rest of the day. Of course, I could get on with any one of my half-finished projects instead. Don't know if I should check out the Iowa Houeswife blog, it might make me want to bake and if I bake I eat too much of it. All of your makes and bakes look delicious.

    1. I looked through some craft mags in a CS in Burton but the templates had been removed. I do have 2 magazine subscriptions, both were gifts.

  5. Sun is shining this morning here, Pam, though cold - well, it would be, I expect that! Off to lunch with Stitch and Bitch pals ( we try and do it at least once a year) then get home in time for my hospital appointment - oh the highs and lows of the day! I have long run out of space for books and mags - a massive cull is long overdue!!

    1. I sent a box of books to the CS and another I gave to the Library. I was never going to read them again.


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