Monday 23 September 2013

Reflections on Sunday.

We had such a delicious dinner yesterday, and at a rock bottom price, the Pork was RTC at £1.78, The cauliflower was 50p and I used a third, the potatoes were from my market shop and cost 60p. The cheese sauce took 2/4 pint of milk, a dab of butter and a spoonful of cornflour with cheese from 2 weeks ago total cost I estimate 70p, I only used 1/2 of this, so total cost £2.90 and some pork left over.

cauli and calabrese cheese ready for the oven, I had a small piece of calabrese lurking in the fridge so added it in, the naked side is for Francesca.

The rest of the cheese sauce will have 2 eggs beaten in to it and some cooked vegetables stirred in and become a quiche filling probably for the freezer as my meals are planned for the week.

One of the meals before being anointed with meat juices.

The mincemeat yield was more than I anticipated so I will only make 1 more batch.

The small jar at the front is a taster and will feature as a pudding soon. I make a shortbread mix, press half into a square tin cover with mincemeat and sprinkle the rest of the shortbread over and press down gently, cook at 180c or so for about 35 minutes. It cuts into as many or few bits as you want and is delicious with custard, cream, ice cream or if feeling flush clotted cream. It is also quite good plain with a cup of tea.

I managed to press and cut the fabric for the Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Francesca cast her eyes over and made the final selection. This quilt is for her new flat, she has 1 double and 2 smaller quilts so will need another double. The smaller ones will morph into sofa throws.

18 sets of 4 strips, this will make 4 blocks 36" square and make a large quilt top. Now I have to separate them into 3 sets of 6 to make the smaller blocks, lots of straight seams to sew. and more ironing!

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Michael gave the car a once over, oil, water, tyre pressures and topped up the washer bottles.

2. A bag of Bramley apples was gifted to me, I have lots of apples but no Bramleys so these will be squirreled away for special recipes.

3. The cupboard under the stairs is the bane of my life, it has been tidied within an inch of it's life.

4. The sun is shining and the air is warm, a long leisurely walk for Ben and me.

5. The house smells of baking, delish.

A long post but entertaining I hope.   

                             TTFN        Pam


  1. Ooooh, you will keep tempting me with your flamin' cauliflower cheese pictures!!!! I am trying to cut back on my dairy at the moment! Lx

  2. I remain mystified as to what "jelly rolling" relates to, hopefully all will be revealed as images of complete pieces appear! ;-/

    1. A jelly roll is a 21 /2" strip of every fabric in a collection, normally 42, rolled together like a swiss roll. I prefer to select fabrics from different groups and cut my own.

    2. Well now I know, yet mystified why a Swiss Roll becomes a Jelly Roll, or is that just an import from our Yankee friends?

  3. The closet under our stairs has become a "catch-all" and is full of boxes that need to be emptied and the contents sorted. Good for you getting yours done!


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