Saturday 14 September 2013


I bought my plain flour 45p so I have £2.42 left and unless I spill the milk will not need to buy anything else till next week.

I had a walk round the garden yesterday after walking Ben and in a few minutes had gathered these.

These little pears will get the "cheffy" treatment and become as one with some pastry and Blue Stilton Cheese, to follow the Duck tomorrow.

The apples were peeled, cored and put to cook with 2 tsp sugar and a splash of water, after 5 minutes or so I added the blackberries, I had soaked them in vinegar water and then drained and rinsed them, 5 minutes later they had married into a glorious deep purple. I should have taken a photo, will try to remember next time. There are 6 portions of that in the freezer. Oh Yes, winter puds.
These were ready so they are in the fridge and will be part of Sunday Dinner.

Remember my fabric win, I received the parcel and here is my booty, 2 very large blocks that were part of a BOM that was abandoned and a few scraps to help them on their way.

This block has too much negative space for my taste so I will be finding or making something to applique in each blank corner, possibly a brighter purple or maybe some pink.

This block is more to my taste but some of the areas are rather large, you know I like small and scrappy, I am considering slicing it in half from top to bottom , turning one piece round and sewing together with maybe a strip of something else as sashing. I will use whatever fabric I use to embellish the first one.

These will be cut up to fit in with my scrap collections, 1 1/2",
 2 1/2" and 5" strips and then will figure in several different projects. Any smaller bits will go in the "crumb" bin.
All in all I am very happy with my winnings, new colours to use and some blocks that require me to think and consider all possible options. Does that sound like a challenge of sorts?

I went to Wisbech today to collect some "stuff", a terrible word that I must stop using, from Button Up & Stitch. 

They have got some wonderful fabrics in.

There is a collection from Gutermann in really pretty colours and patterns 60 inches wide! that is a quilt back, once the selvedges  are removed and a contrasting or complimenting border is attached it would make a truly reversible quilt.

I have a girly quilt to make in a weeks time so guess what I will be using to back it.
I could also see this as clothing and it is very cheap, have a look on the website, you will be drooling.

Any way along with some reels of white thread and a box of Batting I picked up these little pretties.

I have some of the Flamingo print in turquoise but had to buy this remnant, I have a girly quilt coming up and I fell in love with the elephants and at £8 a metre bought a half mtr length. 

I have bought this before and have a panel and some oddments in my stash so snapped up this remnant.

These are for my stash, I will use them in my Orange, Aqua and Grey blocks. Note to self  What happened to looking through the greys. Must keep my thinking head on instead of getting seduced by pink flamingos.
As you can see there are more Elephants and Flamingos here.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. As I walked through the door on my return from shopping, a cup of tea was to hand. Ben knows the sound of my car and alerted Francesca that I was back.

2. A lovely time in Button Up & Stitch, lots of quilty chat.

3. I have signed up to tackle my nemesis, the Cathedral Window block. Time to put my "big girl knickers on" to coin a phrase.

4. The sun has broken through the grey, lovely.

5. My flowers are seething with honey and bumble bees frantically swooshing round gathering nectar. A wonderful sound and sight.

I feel as if I have written a Novella rather than a blog post. Tonights Dinner has been changed, while I was in Town I walked round the Market and the Butchers Stall was packing up I scored a Kilo of the meatiest ribs for £1.50, yep you read that correctly. I almost snatched his arm off, so my pocket now has 92p in it. I thought that I would save this till last as it was the last thing that I did before returning home. Also I was excited to show my fabric, winnings and purchases.

                                          TTFN      Pam 


  1. You're making my mouth water with tales of your puddings, I bet they're delicious. Lovely fabric, the elephants are so cute. Well done on picking up those ribs, a great bargain.

    1. When I see a good buy I am always ready to pounce.

  2. Can I ask why do you soak blackberries in vinegar water? I've read that before, but don't know why. Well done on the ribs!

    1. All berries are a target for insects, when they are in flower various moths and butterflies lay an egg in each flower. These eggs hatch into larvae and live in and on the berries. A soak in a light solution of white vinegar will draw them out. A rinse in fresh water will remove any tang of vinegar and they are ready to drain and dry.


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