Sunday 15 September 2013

Sunday, a Day of Rest and Contemplation. NOT

I started my day by cooking some more apples, this time I added Raspberries. 

Isn't this the loudest apple you have ever seen.

I love apples in any type of pudding and to make things fast I keep a stock of whole meal scones in the freezer along with portions of cooked apples. A few minutes in the ding oven and I have a pudding, I use hardly any sugar as I grow naturally sweet varieties of apples, I make plain scones as then I can have one with cheese and pickle if I like, a minimal amount of butter in the scones and it makes for a healthy pudding. If I want something more decadent I make custard, the real stuff, bright fluorescent yellow from a tub with a Bird on it! I can make Sauce Anglais but it would just not work on this type of pudding, not for me anyway. To cut to the chase, I made a big batch of these as well.

Then I walked Ben, did 2 loads of laundry ( don't like washing on Sunday but needs must and all that). Then I changed the bed and tidied up.
Francesca is sorting through her room and I have been helping her. She has We have filled 2 recycling bags with old paperwork, envelopes, brochures, flyers, empty ice cream wrappers!? ditto cola bottles. Odd socks, unraveled scarves, birthday cards, badges, ornaments and all the other treasures that hide in every nook and cranny.

I have 2 boxes for the charity shop, a bin bag full of paper to be shredded (compost) and these.

This trio are in new condition and need a new home, preferably with a child to love them, Fran's favorites are threadbare and depleted of stuffing and are going to London with her.
If you can offer them a home let me know.

BTW while we were doing all that I had this simmering away

Just some braising beef and vegetables in a spicy sauce with paprika, chilli, cumin and coriander, and a splash of Lea and Perrins. Packed lunches with a spoonful of rice for Francesca and a meal for us, possibly next week.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Francesca ploughed her way through the ironing.

2. Michael produced a steady flow of tea and coffee.

3. The car has been checked for oil, water and tyre pressures, ready for another weeks driving.

4. 20 minutes playing at FMQ, getting better.

5. A quilt to cut out later, all pink and girly.

I have Sew magazine and in it this week is a quilt in Autumn colours, really simple just strips of material WOF sewn together, squared up and a border added. Michael likes it as much as I do so................... As soon as I get time, Probably next Thursday, I am off to Button up & Stitch to pick a mix of fabrics and buy a skinny 8th of each and choose a border fabric and buy that. We have a stack of quilts but there is always room for one more, I have cherry picked through the stash and will be making one for James and Cerys as well.

I have to go wrestle a duck into the oven now so will leave you now with this thought, If a Goldfish had long hair would it be a Mermaid. I overheard a small child ask this on Saturday and had to share it.                     TTFN               Pam


  1. That is a lot to cram into one day- seriously impressed!

    1. I like to move it move it. and glad that I can hustle my butt around.

  2. You have been busy. I love wholemeal scones unfortunately my hubby thinks they are like sawdust!!We sometimes have a savoury scone with stew instead of a dumpling. Lots more lovely quilts on the horizon :-) Don't children say the funniest things lol

    1. I use around 30% white flour in my scones, it just makes them a bit lighter and softer.

  3. Where do you find the time for all that activity and then you blog!

    I am in awe of your ladies who blog so assiduously, thank you.

    1. Multi tasking and a good dollop of delegation, get three pairs of hands working together and the jobs just flow.


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