Saturday 7 September 2013

Super Saturday Sewing

Good Morning All, it is early, I have been up for an hour am on my third cup of tea and then will be having a Happy Hour or three with my best friend Toya. I got the backing fabric for the Tumbling Charms Quilt out yesterday and OMG it does not work, it is TOO LOUD, TOO BRIGHT, TOO MUCH.  I still love it just not for this project. Soooooo I called Michael for help and we dragged out my ENTIRE stash of backing sized fabrics whew! hot work. It was auditioned piece by piece and a plain cream fabric was picked. ~*"!# not wide enough!

Half an hour bouncing ideas off each other and we had picked some fabrics to make a wide band to insert. I pressed and cut these ready to sew and by that time we needed to get dinner on the go.

The Free Pizza dinner just needed a little extra help in the form off sliced red pepper, green chilli (seeds as well), red onion, garlic sausage and a sprinkle of grated cheese to "glue it all together". A bag of free salad was ripped open and served from the bag, no point in dirtying a dish up. They were delicious and very filling, one was very hot after eating we realised that the " green pepper" listed on the ingredients was in fact jalapeno and I had dressed the salad with a hot Thai Chili dressing.
 Cue Dragon Breath.
I will sew my strips together and assemble the backing, I will then have to get my mojo on to layer and baste two quilts. I need to get these done and dusted as I have so many ideas bubbling through my mind I might explode.

Jenny at the Missouri Quilt Co. has released some more tutorial videos and some of the bloggers that I follow have some fantastic work that I am determined to try to emulate.

Please Father Christmas can I have an extra day each week, or another pair of hands. Pam.

I know that I will get it all done, dinner tonight is simple Jacket Potato stuffed with chorizo and grated cheese served with the rest of the free salad. Followed with Apple Brown Betty and NO cream.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. I get to sew all by myself.

2. Fran gets her car back today.

3. The rain yesterday has made my plants sit up and glow.

4. The apples from my garden are really good and huge this year.

5. All my family are safe and well.

A big welcome to my new follower Rupert, welcome aboard.

The time has come to answer the siren call of Toya.                    TTFN      Pam


  1. Have a great day with your sewing, sounds like another masterpiece in the making.

    Hot Hot Hot Pizza!! you really did liven it up with the chilli, eye watering stuff lol.

    I think it must have been a bumper year for Apples and Beans!!

    After a rainy day yesterday we are back to sunshine this morning. X

    1. We had a heavy shower, I would have liked it to last longer but it has made all the plants look clean and refreshed. I have just pieced the back and am about to press it. Update tomorrow.

  2. Very nice to get free pizzas and salad, I would have done too :)

    I really must get on with my quilting, I seem to be procrastinating on it at the moment. Must get some plans made :)

    Have a lovely evening and Sunday dear lady.
    Take care.

    1. Be afraid, be very afraid, once you start you will stuggle to stop.

  3. Hi Pam - i hope you get lots and lots done with your sewing. have a great day
    xo jan

  4. Can I add to your Xmas list please ?
    that my hands keep up with the ideas in my brain !

    1. Add away, but that is a big ask, I read you blog and I can only hazard a guess as to the number of ideas that you do not share, after all you could probably fill a book.


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