Friday 20 September 2013

It's Me, Pam, I'm Back

Two days lost, never to have again. One of my co workers has returned from nearly 4 WEEKS holiday, then phoned in sick with depression!!, that meant that we all worked an extra day and longer hours. Because he was due back another person went on holiday so we were 2 men down. The job we do is skilled and requires ongoing training, we have to keep up with new products and new legislation.
This means that there is nobody who can be transferred in to cover.

On top of this we had 2 big promotions running and a major visit from our "customer" to see all the new releases going live. We came out on top though and got a gold star and 2 merit points. Lol

I have not done much to shout about, oh do you remember that huge cauli that I bought last Friday, well I set to and did this.

Three nice tubs of Cauliflower Cheese, I put the tin of beans in for scale, these went into the freezer and another was enjoyed for dinner along with a tin of roasted veg. I do not put the grated cheese and breadcrumbs on until they go in the oven, then I leave one end naked as Francesca can not cope with crispy cheese? yet I have to fight her off pork crackling and crispy chicken skin.

Ages ago I picked up a sewing box for £2. it was full of needles, threads, snaps, hooks and eyes and so on. Over time I have used or binned the contents and as I planned to get rid of the box did not worry that it was held together with an odd mix of screws and good luck.

Look at that mess, some off them do not even go right in.

Michael set to with screwdriver and a new pack of brass screws and it looks lovely, now I will have to clean the wood and polish it. Of course I am keeping it and have already partly stocked it with quilting notions.

This side holds scissors, rotary cutter blades and my quilting binding clips, which are on a quilt waiting for my attention later.

This side has pins, tape measures and stitch ripper, then fabric glues and in the bottom I have put some embroidery hoops, a purse frame, a reel of masking tape for holding the layers flat for basting.

I still have to put a few more random things in there but it will make my life easier to have all these notions in one place.

I did my shopping this morning, £1.00 for milk and £6.78 for potatoes and veg on the market. I had to buy for 2 weeks as they are not there next week. I have to go into town next week and will buy another milk then bringing my spend up to £8.78 for the week.

We are having Chilli for dinner tonight, homemade pizza on Saturday and Shoulder of pork in the smoker on Sunday. There will be enough pork for another meal and Packed lunches during the week, Lasagne will feature and Fish Pie will make an appearance. Francesca has requested Scotch Eggs and I will probably pull a meatloaf from the freezer. Weeks food sorted. last night we had bacon chops cooked in cider with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and cauliflower. I will use the juices from the chops to marinade the pork shoulder in with some spices as well.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A spruced up sewing box, helping me to keep tidy.

2. A lovely sunny day.

3. My little computerised sewing machine is up and running again. I researched it online and serviced it myself.

4. A stack of hardback books that we no longer want given to the library, pay it forward when you can.

5. A long service award of £100 worth of love to shop vouchers was given to me on Wednesday. 

It has been a thrifty week and we still have masses of food in stock, enough meat, poultry and fish for at least 4 more weeks. dry goods for about the same period and cleaning materials. I only have 6 weeks supply of our favourite tea and coffee so when they appear on promotion I will be bulk buying. That puts me well towards the end of  October before I will have to spend any amount of money. To keep my challenge alive I will record my spending and then buy back as I need it. I am enjoying this and will carry it on to the end of the year. Christmas is paid for and in the freezer and cupboards, we do not go overboard, we both will have to work some of the days.
I have my Co op Divi points and Mr T,s points which will both be doubled up and will take care of January and some of February.

The points from Mr S will just sit there until I need them.

My vouchers from work will replace the clothes that I had to discard because they were beyond the pale.

My friends I am sorted, I am in a happy place and loving it, I can almost hear my Granny saying how proud she is of me.

TTFN     Pam


  1. P G teabags ! £4 for 2.50 Asda
    My shoes were out of the Daily mail
    Log on to . They are soft and comfy , several pretty colours .
    I'm waiting for my belly pork to finish cooking , I shall have it with pre cooked cauliflower cheese . Good idea about the beans . I'll try adding butter beans.

    1. Thank you for the heads up on the tea bags, I will have a look for the shoes.

  2. How do you double up Coop divi? we get vouchers in the post twice a year to use in the Coop.
    WOW £100 love to shop spree - well done on your long service.

    1. In October the Lincs Co op announce what the dividend payout will be and for the last 12 years it has doubled at least. They have reported growth so this year should be no different.

  3. Well done on your thriftiness this week Pam!!

    1. I am treating this as a game so it does not become a tedious grind.

  4. Enough of everything is a lovely feeling :)
    Send Francesca's crispy cheese this way - that is the best bit!

    1. Two hopes of that, no hope and Bob Hope. It is my favourite bit and I have to fight Michael for it.

  5. Mmmmm, loving those cauliflower cheese dishes! And well done on the Thrifty Front. Glad you are in a happy place! Lx

    1. Thank you Lynne, I do have my "moments" but generally am happy.

  6. That cauliflower dish sounds lovely!


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