Wednesday 4 September 2013

I Should Be So Lucky, Wait, I Am Lucky.

Last night at work I was hit by a fork lift truck!!, At least the pallet that he was moving hit me in the back. I was moving forward and have very quick reflexes, a good thing on both counts otherwise I would now be in hospital or worse.
The driver was moving forward with a fully loaded pallet so could see nothing, he should have been reversing until he reached his destination, he was not sounding his hooter, and when I spoke to him he did not understand English. I reported it to his supervisor and then high tailed it up to the office to make an official report.
As I said in the title I am so lucky. But I do not want to be lucky. I WANT TO BE SAFE.

My employers have "A duty of care" for me and all my colleagues, it is a legal responsibility, and I feel strongly that they are not fulfilling that  duty.

We have a high percentage of foreign workers with a very limited understanding of English. On the other hand if the foreign nationals left we would close, unemployment is fairly high in this area but there seems to be a hard core of able bodied people who will not/can not get off their bums and go to work

Rant over, I do apologize but I was rather shaken up by my near miss.

Time for a calming photo or 2.

Early morning in Rhydowen, Wales.

Road side bank in Pontsian, Wales

A splash of colour, Llandysul, Wales

That's much better, calmer by the photo.

I am doing well in my challenge to use it up not buy it up, I spent £2.68 on milk, £1.75 on veg, £1 on eggs and 50p on oranges last Sunday. From the state of my fridge I will not spend another penny until Friday or Saturday when it will be milk, cheese and eggs again plus a little veg and salad. so I should stay comfortably within the £10 projected spend.

I have 2 Quilt tops to layer and baste, I will try to get those done on Friday while I am on my own. If I try this when anyone is in the house you can bank on it that they will NEED to walk just where I amat least 10 times. Then I snarl and spit and they take umbrage. I use my tiled living room floor, not only is the grid pattern perfect, it is the only space large enough to hold an 80" square quilt. I can not sew in metric. 
I also need to have another tidy up with my scraps because I have used so many of them I can cut out 2 of the boxes. Winner Winner? Sob Sob, I love my scraps.

If anyone feels the need to get rid of scraps I will gladly pay postage, from almost anywhere.

Hello, My name is Pam, and I am a scrapaholic.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The sun has got its  hat on and has come out to play.

2. I escaped unscathed from a potential disaster.

3. This week I will save £40. Woo Hoo

4. Francesca gets her car back on Saturday.

5. Therefore I get my car back also.

Dinner tonight is undecided, I think that it will be a lucky dip from my homemade ready meals. That way I can have an extra hour in the garden.

This is not laziness, this is why I tuck ready meals away on rainy days, so that I can have a bonus hour doing something outside on sunny days.

BTW Elaine Collier of Morgage Free in Three has posted a wonderful recipe for oaty bites, I will be whipping up a batch or 3 of these.                                 TTFN       Pam


  1. Ouch! I'm glad it wasn't worse Pam. A nasty accident, and avoidable too, no wonder you're cross!!
    Do the scraps have to be cotton? I have poly cottons you can have if they're any use to you. E-mail me if you want them.

    1. I will email you when the 'puter behaves itself. it is sending all my emails to Michael's work email!!!

  2. So glad you're ok! I use the tiles on the floor the same way, though I'm not much of a quilter yet. Good idea on the ready made meals!

  3. Glad you are okay, that could have been really serious. I hope they learn from a lucky escape and put proper practices in place.

  4. Thank goodness you are OK after what could have been a very nasty accident.

  5. Glad to hear you are ok Pam, lovely calming photographs. Glad your September challenge is off to a good start.

    Enjoy your quilting x

  6. My goodness - I'm glad you're ok! You absolutely did the right thing in reporting the incident as we don't want any more near misses, never mind a definite hit. You're doing well at the using it up lark and well done on the savings!

  7. You were lucky there - that could have been a really nasty accident - glad to hear that someone else works in feet and inches - I'll never be able to work in metres and centimetres have a good day sewing on Friday xxx

  8. Thank heavens you are okay!
    If you will send me your address, I will send you a box of scraps. I own a needlework shop and we make all our own samples - all 100% cotton quilt fabrics - so we make lots of scraps..:~D

  9. Quite an understandable rant, if you ask me! Glad you are ok, Pam.

    Interested to see your photos of Wales - I've just posted mine of our stay near Crickhowell in South Wales, wonderful wonderful scenery, we will be going back soon! Lx

  10. I am so glad you're ok. But these type of incidents do put things into perspective don't they!
    Well done for reporting it. That's important.

    You are not lazy, but so organised with your cooking.

    I have some patterned cotton pillowcases. Would you like them?

    Sft x


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