Wednesday 1 January 2014

Weather you like it or Weather you don't the year has turned.

And that is a weather too far, this morning started off bright and clear but by the time I had showered, dressed and made a brew it was 50 shades of grey, each one more depressing than the last. The wind picked up and down came the rain. Ben and I had a brisk 20 minute walk just before the rain started, I spoke to my neighbour Nev who needed some things from Asda and I offered to nip out and get them as he was feeling under the weather. Oops more weather.
I whizzed round scooping up the items on his list and then skidded to a halt. It was not a pretty sight I am sure, my mouth was hanging open, my eyes were wide and my nose is a fetching shade of pink (I have a bit of a snuffly cold)
Right in front of me was a stand full of............ HOT CROSS BUNS.
and to make it worse I could see a sign in the bakery asking for 2 racks daily. I pinched myself just in case I was dreaming, after all when I left the house it was New Years Day and suddenly I found myself on the cusp of Easter.
Had I traveled through time and space, was I hallucinating, had I been abducted by Aliens ? No, I went and checked the newspapers and it was still N.Y.D. 
I decided to ignore it, I LURVE HOT CROSS BUNS and as I still weigh the 11 Stone that I did when I took up the challenge from Frugal in Bucks

 I beat a hasty retreat, grabbed the rest of the shopping and came home. 2 cups of tea and I felt better.
To digress Nev has been running me about to walk Ben with Greg, his car is bigger and a Collie takes up a deal of space. He has a "back issue" and has been looking for a decent wing back, high seated armchair for a while, however the prices are prohibitive for him. I check on Lobay regularly and on Monday put in a bid at the reserve price on a really nice one and I got it. I went and picked it up yesterday to find that it was in As New condition and was quite ashamed to only have to hand over £7, I have seen worse on Ebay for 10 times as much. Nev is as happy as Larry, I feel that I have gone a little way towards repaying his kindness and the elderly vendor was pleased to get her price.
She asked me if I would like a rowing machine, that's right a rowing machine I was speechless but took it away as she needed the space. It is destined for the Charity Shop tomorrow, I haven't the space either, or the inclination, but I hardly ever refuse a Freebie. if they get £10 for it that's a fair bit of cat food.
Reasons to be Grateful.

1. A gift of a bottle of Welsh Single Malt whisky that will last me a good while.

2. A gift left at my LQS to be enjoyed as fabric or trimmings.

3. A pile of seed catalogues waiting to tempt me.

4. The small bedroom stripped and ready to prep for decorating.

5. Some Trout fillets for dinner tonight.

The trout will be sandwiched round a filling of soft cheese, pesto and spinach, wrapped in pastry and baked. They will be lovely with some dill sauce and steamed Green veg.

I am doing a bit of hand sewing, on my hexie quilt in spare moments I dare not sit at the sewing machine as I will get carried away and do nothing but sew.

Ben has been snoring beside me but has woken up and is staring at me, if the rain has eased I will take him out for 20 minutes, if it has not he will get a fast gallop up the lane and back. First i will swallow some paracetamol with a squeeze or two of lemon in hot water with a trickle of honey, Yuck yuck, yuckety yuck, I hate it but it helps.

              TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Happy New Year !! I met up with my sister at our Mum's house for our annual New Years Eve fuddle, she'd called in at the local co--op and they had Easter Eggs on the shelves !! totally barmy.
    We have had a PJ day today as the weather is so vile - urgh!!

    1. I know that the chocolate factories have all the Easter Eggs made before Christmas, but to have them in the shops is just wrong. I had an indoor day yesterday but it has been very sunny today so I am making the most of it.

  2. I've noticed in some stores Valentine stuff and Easter stuff before Christmas. I guess it's no different than Costco putting winter coats and snow suites out in July!! Habby New Year to you and Ben.

    1. I am convinced that the shops do it to get as much money out of us as possible. Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New year, I hope 2014 is a good one for you and yours, all best wishes, Vee x

    1. Thank you Vee, I am looking forward to making this year thee FUN one. Now that I have retired I aim to fill my days with pleasure and not break the bank to do it. I hope your year is what you want it to be. Pam

  4. Happy New Year Pam x
    I have heard that there are hot cross buns out already. We love them to but seriously we have just got over Christmas and they are promoting Easter.

  5. I make my hot cross buns as I like them spicy and packed with fruit but not until March, it is good to have a little anticipation for seasonal goodies. I like things in their proper place.


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