Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sewing Heaven in Crosshands

I manged to get to Isabeau in Crosshands ( it ought to be happyhands) this morning to find a new Hera marker, mine has vanished, and as I walked in this little lot was thrust into my hands.

Hilary cuts many charm packs and these are the off cuts, I offered to buy them but she insists that they are a gift, and that there will be more as they usually get binned. I am over the moon, I love scraps.
I asked if I could share the shop with you and the answer was yes, with the proviso that she does not appear.
Come and have a look see.

The view to the bottom left of the shop, from the large work table.

Towards the bottom right corner.

Facing the front this is the left corner.

Colour blocks behind the work table, I managed to catch a little of Hilary but as her face is excluded I left it in. She was busy cutting a complicated order for a quilt.

Part of the work table, she was very busy, you can see part of the order that she was compiling in the center of the cutting board.

I am looking forward to spending many happy times in here, looking and choosing my own fabric selections, once I have completed my 100 items.

I will not be sewing much today, I had a bad night and am pumped full of pain meds. Acute pain that hits you from nowhere is bad but this chronic version just grinds away, with seemingly no respite. Some days it takes a deal of will power not to sit in bed and grizzle.
Today will be a tea and chocolate sort of day, more tea than chocolate as I do not want to upset the insides as well. 
I have some peanut M&M's tucked away, in the freezer I have some chocolate brownies. I bake a batch and when cold cut them into 1/2" squares and open freeze them. They are a perfect hit when you need one and are a good step up from ice cream. Sometimes I chop them smaller and stir into plain yogurt, with a drizzle of really good Maple Syrup, just heavenly. I get my Maple Syrup in Wales, it is imported from a small farm in Canada and is the best that I have ever tasted. I have to drive to Folly Farm so I take the grands for the day and buy a case at a time.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  I can have a chill out day with no worries.

2.  I know that the pain will recede eventually.

3.  I do not need to shop for a couple of days.

4.  I have started the next number, the initial cutting is done and the first part of assembly is started.

5.  Francesca may have the opportunity to work in North Wales in the near future.

Francesca rang this morning, there is a possibility that she has done enough paralegal work to qualify without sitting the bar exam. There was also an opening in North Wales in the conversation, just in case I am going to look at flat prices in the area, it is a 3 hour drive from here so she can not commute. I am going to have to curb my excitement just in case nothing comes of it, but I will still do the research.

Ben's skin is looking much better now, he is back at the vet,s tomorrow for a checkup. My fingers will be crossed that we are on the home straight now. He has put up with a lot without any overt resentment, I am going to hope for a good day so he can have a walk on a newly discovered foot path in Ponty.

I am going to make tea and maybe nod off over my book. 

                 TTFN                                          Pam


  1. The shop looks really good - and I'm not even a fabric crafter, I can see it must be heaven for you!

  2. Fabric shops and old book shops is heaven on earth for me. I could live there. :)
    Would love to ramble around in that shop.

  3. hello pam , I hope you feel better soon , and love the shop xxx

  4. I would love to look around the shop, I love fabric! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, I hope it eases soon x


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