Friday 14 August 2015

Away Again.

I have just received a cry for assistance, I will out of Wales for the weekend. I will post again when I get back, in the mean time here are some more quilty things to drool over.

Ben finds them irresistible too.

Check out those star points.

I loved the Alice quilts, it was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication.

This is so dramatic, it took a moment for me to spot the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar with the hookah. 

I watched a demonstration of this being made, they had sold out of the polystyrene forms so I bought the kit.

I have seen these rulers being used on tutorials, and as I sometimes struggle with joining the binding on quilts I was planning to buy some from the US. I was tickled pink to find a very yummy young man, with an American accent to die for, demonstrating these. I got a very good deal, US prices with no postage costs. Bargain.
As you can see they are linked to the Missouri Quilt Co. It would be marvelous to see Jenny Doan  at the NEC, perhaps I will be cheeky and email her to suggest it. I would happily go to a workshop or lecture with her.

That's all for today, I may take my laptop and post tomorrow, otherwise it will probably be Monday.

               TTFN                                                Pam


  1. The sprinhouse kit I bought for my daughter to make her own decoration this year, every year I buy a different tree decoration kit from them, this time I got the heart wreath, hope all goes well at the wek end safe journey :-)

  2. The star points look fab on the plain background, A lovely quilt.

  3. Wishing whoever you are nursing a full speedy recovery!


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