Tuesday 25 August 2015

What day did you say it was?

When I woke this morning I was quite convinced that it was the weekend. As I trundled round the village with Ben I was debating as to whether it was Saturday or Sunday. There was very little traffic, no one was about to talk to and I could not smell bacon from the little cafe. 
It was only when I got back and was getting Ben his food that it dawned on me that it had to be Tuesday. The road has been quiet all day and there has been nobody out walking, it has rained but there have been dry patches.

I had 2 birthday cushions to finish off and a pile of presents to wrap for Kaitlyn, clothes this year, she is growing like a weed. I did have a selection of things for her at the end of May but she has outgrown most of them.

This one is for Cerys, a bit late but not to worry. I have a huge "pregnancy" pillow for her as well, I just need to run up a couple of spare covers to go with it.

This is for Kaitlyn, there is a matching Elephant and a little bag as well.
I have been doing some EPP in the evenings, 3/4" hexies, they look minute in my big mitts.

5 solid flowers.

The reverse sides.

5 doughnut rings, all doubles
There is a handful of pairs ready to be slip stitched together. These are intended to become a garland for the sewing room wall.

These too are reversible, A two for one and the extra layer gives lots of body to the project. 

I received some very happy post today, a most unexpected treat dropped through the letter box. Thank you so much Rachel, I will put it to good use soon, very soon.

The garden is in need of some TLC, once this blasted rain finishes that is. Once the sun shines for a couple of days I will be picking shed loads of tomatoes to go with the cucumbers and spinach. The Apples are looking great, I had to prop 2 branches up as I thought they might pull away from the trunk.

The clouds have just swept away and the sun is shining, albeit weakly, I will get Ben out pronto, we got wet on the last walk and one soaking a day is enough.

                     TTFN                                         Pam


  1. Love those cushions Pam xxx

  2. I have been lost with my days Martin has changed his days for traveling and its thrown me out all together, your hexi wreath looks interesting cant say I have seen one before :-)

  3. Good idea, making the hexxies into a garland, I may try this. I never thought of sewing two together. So simple. Thanks for the idea, Pam. The weather has been dreadful hasn't it?

    Joan (Wales)

  4. You are
    Most welcome Pam xx there were two things posted to you . I'm glad one has come - the other was just a little card to say thank you xx

  5. Love the wee hexies and look forward to seeing the finished wreath.

    I have LOTS of tomato PLANT but hardly any fruit. Both the ones in the polytunnel and outdoors ones don't want to produce much this year and I have just ONE cucumber on my plants - last year I could hardly eat them fast enough. I think it has been the weather - just not warm enough and hardly any bees in my garden this late summer - plenty in spring, then they must have swarmed and gone elsewhere.

  6. The cushions are absolutely gorgeous , Pam.

  7. Love the cushions, I've got a load of hexies cut to make a quilt. needless to say it's a long term project x


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