Monday 31 August 2015

Still Having Fun in Wales

Another day dawned to the pitter patter of rain drops, but by the time I had winkled Ben out of bed and got him out for his walk the skies had started to clear. It was far from sunny but the rain had stopped and there was a clear band of brightness on outlining the mountains. The heather was glowing in the distance.

This is the best that my little camera and I can do, but a new model is still on my list.

I recorded The Lorax yesterday, I am a sucker for Doctor Seuss. I settled down after a frugal but delicious dinner and stitched my garland while enjoying the film. When I have had enough of this side I can turn it round and enjoy a different view.

Meanwhile I am still sewing oddments, scraps and orphan blocks together for a scrap busting quilt. Some of these are from the "Fugly" box, I just added a few brights to lift them and one I used the wrong side as I did not want to waste the squares. Some are sewn to give a whirly block within a block. There are a lot more scraps to go, some are too small for this type of block but all will be used.
One of the by products from having Francesca here for a week of TLC, was lots of leftovers in the fridge. None of these will be wasted, a few little treats will find their way into Bens bowl but most will end up on my plate.
My dinner last night was soup, I used the last of the veg from the fridge, added some tiny garlic cloves, bits of red and yellow peppers and red onion slices and some sad celery from the salad drawer. I soaked a handful of soup mix overnight and cooked the whole lot in chicken stock, this was from the carcase of the last bird that I roasted.
 I threw in some small plum tomatoes and fresh peas from the garden, oh and some runner beans. It all made a very tasty dinner and there is lots left for ron. That is later on.
Tonight it will be pizza, when I baked on Friday morning I made enough dough for 2 loaves and 2 pizza bases.  The topping will be leftover chili and what ever takes my fancy. 
 One loaf went to Cardigan and the other is sliced and in the freezer, it will last me a week at least.
The left over cooked veg was mixed together and turned into bubble and squeak cakes, I open froze them and then wrapped and bagged them. A quick meal with a poached egg on top when I am busy.
There was a large slice of Chicken and Ham pie, cut into small portions it will be lunch for a few days.

Now it is time for a brew and a quick look outside before I plan my day, I can see bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds through the window.

          TTFN                                                             Pam.

PS. Sarina, if you would like that pattern drop me a comment with your address, I will not publish it. 


  1. You use your leftover food just as my mum would have, it's an art lost these days, my mum could make a meal out of nothing. We try not to have leftovers, we cook just enough for us, and maybe a small portion for my next day lunch. Your bunting is fantastic, what a great design.

  2. No blue sky here yet, although it's stopped raining and the clouds are breaking up a bit. I like being inventive with leftovers, hate throwing any food away. Sometimes the leftovers make a better tastier dish than the original!

  3. No clear skies here, steady rain all day. What a pretty garland xx

  4. Hmmm - we definitely drove INTO the rain today and left it sunny at home! At least I can say I wash well . . .

    Your leftover dishes sound great. I hate waste too, but sometimes I just cannot face something I have "made a mess of" and frozen in the hope it will improve (it doesn't!)

  5. I like the idea of a double sided garland its very pretty :-)

  6. Scrappy quilts are my favourite kind!
    My lunches are very often a mixture of leftovers.😏
    Teresa x

  7. Your bubble and squeak and egg dinner sounds good! I like your garland! xx


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