Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Morning

Hi de Hi everybody, are you enjoying the weekend?  Having just caught the weather forecast I am so pleased that yesterday was spent mainly in the garden. 
My lovely neighbour told me that Home Bargains had some large Cyclamen for £1, and that there were some really fresh Autumn Heathers in Lidl for 69 p. How could I resist, when I shopped on Thursday the Heathers were very bedraggled so I passed them by. 
Anyhow, off I went and was soon on the way home with said plants plus a couple of large Asters. AKA Michaelmas Daisies. We had loads of them in the garden when I was a child, they were one of my Grannies favourite plants.  

They are spaced around to leave room for other plants, at the moment they look like currants in a cheap bun. Note the rogue Gladioli, I dug dozens of them out last year for a friend, I don't dislike them but the garden is open to strong winds and they end up broken and blowing along the street. Those few will be removed when the stems die back and go to join the others.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays off long enough for the lawn to be cut and some weeding to happen. Failing that there is a pile of ironing to plough through, and I can always sew.

Once the plants were in I took Ben on a foraging expedition, we went to the old railway line and I picked some green hazelnuts. They are sweet when this young and made a welcome addition to my muesli this morning. I only gathered a few to see if they were ready, and they are. I will be out to do some serious picking later today (fingers crossed). There are so many here that I will still be able to harvest more once they ripen off, those will be roasted and skinned for cakes. Ground down they are a good substitute for ground almonds, and virtually free. Hazelnut meringue makes a brilliant roulade, filled with whipped cream and chopped hazelnuts.

There will be blackberries by the bucket load in a few days, I have been picking a handful most days for the past 2 weeks and popping in the freezer. I will not be picking stacks for jelly as my pantry is pretty full from last year.
I have been asked for some green tomato chutney so will make a small batch of that. I prefer a darker, spicier chutney myself.

Now I am off to kick start my day, it is getting on and all that I have done is walk and feed Ben and fill my face with breakfast.

I will leave you with some final pics from the Quilt show.

Love those hexies, I see one similar to this in my future.


My hands are fairly large, but these mini quilts are amazing, so much detail in such a small area.

This looks like a marvelous  way to decimate my scraps.

        TTFN                                                             Pam


  1. Oh I love the poppy quilt. Those teeny quilts are adorable! I giggled at your cheap currant bun quip! It's looking lovely now in your garden x

  2. 'Currants in a cheap bun' oh that's so funny! Your garden's looking so good now, you've worked so hard on it. More amazing quilts.....not sure about that headrush one, that would hurt my eyes as well as my head.

  3. Your Garden is coming along nicely, I had a Cyclamen Indoors,and have just planted it outside, I think I will get some more, I do love the pink ones, I do like the Gladioli, I used to have some in the old house along by the fence, but as you say, the wind gets them. Lovely to see all those quilts, amazing talent.

  4. The bottom one makes me think of stacks in a library and would be perfect in a room with wall to wall bookshelves.

  5. I managed to get bulbs this weekend, I will plant them in tubs soon, not planted the cyclamen corns yet, opps a bit late. oh well. Your garden looks lovely, all your hard work paying off.

  6. Pam, I love the way you describe things! Your garden is so pretty! I've never had any luck growing Gladiolus as they are always falling over.

  7. It looks as though the garden is coming along well! Although there are gaps now next year I am sure that everything will romp away and the space will soon be filled! xx

  8. Your garden is looking so nice. I'm amazed that you have such beautiful nails with all the gardening you do!! I love the elephant from the quilt show.

  9. Your garden's looking lovely. I planted two lots of Gladioli and they have come up blind. I am VERY jealous of your blackberries, as round here if we relied on them, we would starve!

    LOVE the quilts - my favourite is that beautiful small one beside your hand. Stunning.


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