Sunday 16 August 2015

Still Away

I will be away until Friday when I will be bringing the patient back with me for a while to recuperate in the fresh air ( hope it does not rain all the time)
I managed to cadge a 'puter to borrow for a little while. I put all the entrants name into a hattish container ( Posh Biscuit Barrel) and got the patient to have a lucky dip.

Janice, from Jan's Jabber and Jo from A whole plot of love are the winners.
I will be posting the parcels when I return so, if you let me have your snail mail I will get them in the post by Saturday morning.
Either email or leave a comment as I will not publish them.

              TTFN                                                Pam


  1. I hope that all is OK with your patient Pam and that you are OK too. All good thoughts to you. xx

  2. I hope your patient gets better soon, Pam. Thank you for all the lovely quilty photos in your last few posts, they are wonderful. And I can't wait to see your rag rug projects :)

  3. Hope all is well and the patient is not too poorly, Best wishes.


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