Sunday 23 August 2015

Back Home and Playing Catch Up

I am home and soooooo happy about it. Francesca is with me for the week and is chilling out on the sofa with Ben in close proximity. 

I enjoyed my stay in Kent but home is best. I did take a few photos, 

The sun shone for most of the time and the sky was blue, there is just a taste of Autumn in the air though and a few leaves are turning.

There is a scattering here and there.

This climber is swathed along the wall that runs along a lane leading to the close that Francesca lives in.

Ben loved it there, the park is crawling with hand tame grey squirrels and semi tame pigeons, he regards them both as fare game. I have to keep him on a lead as he has tried to run straight up a tree in hot pursuit.
There are also a great number of water fowl and lots and lots of water to tempt a little dog. There were a few large dogs splashing around in the ponds and streams but a good swipe from an irate goose would do Ben considerable damage.

It was hot and sunny when we left and grey and wet when we arrived home, there has been a mixture of both over the last 24 hours. I have caught up with moving plants, stocking the fridge and the local gossip. Now it is blog time, I did skim through earlier and dropped a few comments. I am ready to read through and get up to date.

I did a Lamb roast for dinner, half a leg for £7.00 from Lidl, and absolutely delish, so tender that it just surrendered to the knife. Plenty for three and lots left over for another meal.
 We ate late as I made scones and we had a cream tea at 3.00, lovely.

I have done lots of EPP, photos to follow, once I have taken some :-).
I will just add a few more from the Festival of Quilts and then it will be time for a brew.

How cute are these.

Bathing in colour and pattern.

This is muted but stood out.

That will do for now.

                    TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. Watch out for the post Pam x glad you are home and hope F makes a full recovery xx

  2. Hope Fran is Ok I am sure under your watchful eye she will make a speedy recovery, welcome home :-)

  3. I'm glad you're safely home again and I hope your daughter is soon better again. Meanwhile, you get a chance to spoil her.

    Fantastic quilts. I loved that one top right in the 2nd to last photo. Just amazing.

  4. Hope Fran recovers well this week, I'm sure a cream tea helped no end! Love the bird quilt, they must take a huge amount of time & patience to complete. x

  5. Welcome home, Pam, and get well soon, Fran x
    Lovely photos again, just love the quilts too.

  6. Hello, first time by your blog. The photos of the quilts are just remarkable. I love getting ideas from what others make, thanks for sharing.

  7. Good to hear that you are home again! xx


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