Monday 7 December 2015

A Walk on the dry side

Yippee, from Ben and me, we managed to walk 3 times today in the DRY, and in the Sunshine. In fact on the second walk it was so pleasant that after an hour we tootled off down through the village and on into GCG, I posted a letter that I forgot earlier and them we tootled back.
One of us is curled up and snoring gently.

I finished parcel wrapping for the post today and sent them all off, to wing their ways around the globe. They should have gone last week but my wrist and hand were too stiff for wrapping.

I had a little day off yesterday, was very lazy, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
I did my gift wrapping in the morning and prepped dinner, well I peeled a few  potatoes to roast, cut some carrot batons and shredded some cabbage, a tray of cauliflower cheese, homemade, was pulled from the freezer and a 3 bird roast, Lidl, was taken out on Saturday.
Very tasty although I did jazz up the glaze for the birds, and did not bother with gravy or Yorkshires.  There was loads for 3 and enough for Tuesday as well.

After lunch of grilled cheese sarnies I settled down on the sofa, crochet to hand. The telly went on,  a vary rare happening, and I watched Polar Express followed by Jungle Book. I did not sit idle,

I started on a flock of little birds for a garland.

Then, prompted by the Polar Express I dug out some brown and red and started a Round of Robins. The brown is darker in real life, I did vary the red in them and do not know which I prefer.

Then I had a go at a holly leaf, looks more like a squashed frog so I will be digging the green felt out.

This weeks 30p flowers from Tesco, I pop in every Friday evening when I do the run into Pontardawe and look to see what bargains there are. I did find some more sleep suits for the baby and a pack of  6 bibs for £2. When I got home I could have kicked myself for not getting 2 packs. I would make some but the only fabric that I have suitable is in pink.

I have a Lego City Advent Calendar, from Francesca, I have made it up to date but am finding it very fiddly.

Fran has asked for a fabric container to put on her desk at work, she will fill it with sweets. She also wants one for her bedside table, so as the Christmas fabric was out I ran these up.

Then changed my mind and made 2 more, different fabric and gold ribbon, of course I wrapped and posted them without taking a photo. I may make another couple for myself later.

The postie has been beating a path to my door, I bought a few things on-line and Francesca has had all her gifts delivered here, I am hoping that there is not too much more to come. I am rapidly running out of room.

I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to buy anything for myself till the January sales. 

I will fill a stocking for Francesca and one for Ben filled with treats and toys, Fran loves her stocking as much as the big gifts, she will be opening it on my bed as soon as her eyes open. The one day of the year when she is up and awake early, willingly. 

Now it is time for a brew, I couldn't spit a sixpence if my life depended on it.

                           TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Stockings are the best part of the day, hubby and I swap one each year.

  2. I pop into Tesco's and have had no luck with getting anything for the babies in the sales. I have started to make some bibs from fabrics leftover from other projects and backed them with flannel. I did get lucky with some yellow label veg which I popped into the freezer.

  3. What a lovely comforting post (especially after seeing how bad things are in Cumbria etc). Glad you got some dry walks in, and it's nice to just snuggle up with the telly on sometimes while you do crafts. Love those birds for the garland, you clever thing.

    A Lego advent calendar? Well, now I've seen everything!

    The 30p flowers look good. I am pretty sure our Tesco doesn't ever drop the prices like that. Today I "discovered" (as in blew the dust bunnies off!) 4 Hyacinth bulbs amongst the packs waiting to be planted in the hall. They were well sprouted so I have bunged them in a pot and put them with the other plants on the draining board by the window, and hope they will reward me soon.

    I am still wrapping although I have written all the cards and got most pressies sorted.

  4. Oh you are busy. Fran is a lucky girl having you . I still am in the middle of decorating and everything seems unfinished here. I am madly trying to finish off at work but more and more issues are surfacing . Always seems to be difficult at the this time of year with the work I do...

  5. Great to catch up on all the good things you have been up to! I love your crochet birds, especially the robins, they are more than fabulous! xx

  6. As ever - you are busy busy, Pam! I LOVE your crochet. I am doing blankets at the moment and loving it, but I keep looking at Lucy's 'little things" and wondering whether I should have a go. I really would love to make a wreath but think all the flowers might defeat me!
    As for gift wrapping - I spent an hour today wrapping just 4 small presents, spitting feathers as I went. Grrrrr - a job I LOATHE, mainly because I am so pants at it!

  7. My son bought me a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar last year. This year I have a traditional German one. With the kids grown, it's not like it used to be.

  8. So glad you and Ben finally got a sunny day. Your little crocheted birds are so pretty. The Holly leaf looks pretty much like our Holly leaves. Ours are a darker green. You can crochet anything!!


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