Friday 11 December 2015

Back again, no pun intended

Maggie is unpacked and settling in, she is resting over the weekend and then we will spend next week emptying the rest of the small stuff from the house.
The Cardigan gifts were wrapped this morning, (and half the afternoon) and are ready to be delivered tomorrow.

I managed to find a snow suit for the baby, just 0-3 months, by then I hope the weather will be warm enough that he will not need it.

Sleep suits, vests and bibs, ready to go. I have taken some other clothes over already, including socks that look like rugby boots, can't start too soon.

The quilts, all apart from James and Cerys,s, they had theirs on my last visit.

All wrapped up, not the Baby's things, he will not be with us for a couple of months yet.

Dinner was soup and toast, all I could be bothered to do, and very nice it was too.

Time to walk Ben and have a cuppa before I tootle off to Ponty.

                        TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. What a great snow suit, exciting times waiting for the arrival of a new baby. The quilts look amazing...great gifts.

  2. Wow! such gorgeous sewing gifts! And as for the baby've come over all soft :) Hope your aches are a bit better

  3. What a wonderful lot of gifts! I am sure that they will be greatly loved. The baby things are very beautiful indeed. xx

  4. Oh my how beautiful are your pile of quilts. Lucky people.

  5. What a gorgeous little suit. It's quite an impressive pile of presents! I might wrap some myself today.

  6. Lovely warm and beautiful quilts wonderful gifts.

  7. My children had a snow suit like that (it lasted for 3 of them). Talk about being as snug as a bug in a rug in it! What a fabulous pile of quilts too.

  8. All the quilts and clothes look fabulous!! You deserve a rest yourself this weekend. Hope the weather is holding for you. We have had a lot of fog and virtually no sun for 3 days. Reminds me very much of England when I was a kid.


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