Sunday 27 December 2015

On the Third day of Christmas my swap mate sent to me

A book with a pretty book mark.


The book looks interesting, a bit different to the run of the mill novel. I will read it soon and report back.

Ben and I managed a second good walk yesterday afternoon, in the dry, it was very mild and we both enjoyed it. Maggie was tired and returned home late in the afternoon. She spent Christmas Day sitting with a bedridden friend while the carers took time out with their family. She did little but being on constant alert is wearing and the going up and down stairs repeatedly did not help her arthritis.

I think that an early night with possibly a G&T was on the cards.

This is the first time for ages that my home has been a booze free zone for Christmas and it will not be the last. None of us wanted to overindulge and I was happy not to spend the money.
As one of my guests said, "I would far rather eat my calories than drink them".

I am up early this morning, it was the total silence that woke me, the wind that has been roaring and shrieking around the village has gone. It has been with us for so long that I almost feel disorientated without it.

We are having Iffits Pie for dinner tonight, iffits left over it will be going under a puff pastry top. There was quite a bit of Cauli and Broccoli cheese left from yesterday, into that I put 4 roast potatoes, chopped, a few roast parsnips and carrots, about 6 sprouts and some steamed carrots sliced up. A little more cheese sauce and some diced turkey and gammon and it is in the fridge awaiting it's pastry blanket.
The stock from the Turkey legs has been frozen and most of the cooking water from the gammon will be joining it. I used star anise, allspice berries, cinnamon sticks and black peppercorns to flavour it. The resulting soup will be very tasty.
I see that the sale season is well and truly upon us, in years past I would have been out there, in the scrum, trawling with the best of them. This year I will pick up some wrapping paper, if I spot some that I like. There is nothing that fills me with desire to rush out and search for it.
I am told that winter clothing is reduced by 70% in "loads of shops". I have enough clothes and nothing needs replacing, my winter coats were both bought in the sales a few years ago and are in perfect condition. My Driza-bone is still water tight, and will last me many years yet. My wellies were new last year and will also last a while.
There is nothing that I need and because I will not be looking I will not see anything that I want.
My pantry, cupboards, fridges and freezers are all well stocked.
In the garden there are parsnips, kale and spinach ready, and early sprouting broccoli and spring greens to come. Salad leaves, albeit small, in the greenhouse, no hungry gap yet.

I have been pondering over my word(s) for next year and they are, 
Take Time.
Take time to learn to cross stitch,
Take time to learn to embroider,
Take time to walk the valley footpaths,
Take time to stand and drink in the scenery,
Take time to sit and look.

You get my drift, I am sure. I am a "let's get it done NOW" person and I want to slow the pace a little. Instead of rushing head first at top speed into things I want to take time to enjoy the planning as much as the doing. 
Over the last few days I have been visiting one of my neighbours houses to look after his cats. I feed them, give them clean water, do the litter trays and spend a little time talking to them. They do not hurry, they glide through the house looking around and stopping here and there for a longer look, as and when the fancy takes them. I intend to take a leaf from their book.
Normally when I wake up I hit the ground running and am busy from the off, drinking my tea while I bustle about. Today is a "dry run" so to speak, I made my tea and stood just outside the back door while it cooled slightly. The air was still and warm, there was not a sound bar my breathing and it was good just to relax.
Then tea in hand I made my way to the sofa and the lap top. Ben has come down to join me and is on his bed snoozing, all is still and peaceful.
Now it is time for another cuppa, then I will shower and dress ready to go for a stroll with Ben.
The ravening hoards will be up and about by the time we return and breakfast will happen. 
There are no plans for the day, I may start my new book, I may start my little cross stitch. 
Enjoy your day, doing what ever you have to or want to.

                  TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Yes a good few words to live by Take time to smell the roses, I start my day very quiet with a cuppa unless I have slept in of course, but I find a bit of quiet time watching the sun rise helps me gather my thoughts for the day :-)

  2. What you describe is almost what I learnt about on a course. She called it a golden moment. It's where you take time. Take time to stand still and appreciate a few moments just for you. She said if you have a cup of tea, have it in your best cup, with a saucer. Sit with it and only it. Etc
    She talked about a busy mum escaping the house just for five seconds to eat a tangerine!! A bit bonkers, hiding round the side of your house sniffing and slowly eating this tangerine....but it's all about the time taken to give yourself peace.
    It's a great energiser!
    Like you I have no need to go to the sales ( though I admit I've ordered a wreath holder from Lakeland sale) and today will be calm and restful. I may start some knitting!

  3. Lovely post, Pam. Yes, take time. It's a good plan.

  4. Take time......yes that is just what I would like to do too.
    I am going to learn to sew properly and make all my own clothes.
    I love pies made of leftovers.......we call it garbage pie and it's a family favourite here-x-

  5. I love that moment, could be with a coffee, or just looking at something, our world is too busy and fast, take a step back everything is much more interesting from that view point.

  6. Good post. After all the bustle of Christmas it is good to stop and take the time to think. I've been thinking about how I'm going to spend my time next year too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I may well borrow your motto. After a good week that had one really rough patch but ended well, I'm feeling drained. Take time to recharge is in order.

  8. I think I may adopt your take time words for next year too!

  9. I got a Big Shot machine too with some dies etc. Going to try it out today. Enjoy yours too.

  10. I like the sound of your Iffits pie. I have some ready made puff pastry which I didn't use on the day so I might just try it out, thanks Pam :) I also like the sound of your Take Time mantra. Mine is 'Do More Good' so I can also Take Time and knit my CS baby items when the house is quiet.

  11. Christmas and the days that surround it should be just like spent them. You sound like such a good friend.

  12. Taking time is so very necessary nowadays. We rush about to get things done and please everyone else`s whim, but mostly forget about our own needs in the process.
    I`ve taken on board the advice of taking time, so have started working on that already. For ages I have been promising myself to take more time to read a good book. So, on Boxing Day afternoon I`ve started to read for a few hours and continued in the same fashion this evening. It`s bliss to sit with a good cuppa and an inspiring read. When I get back to work next week this blissful activity will possibly end as I just never find time or energy for reading after work. So, I`m feeling blessed to be able to chill with a book for a little while.


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