Monday 28 December 2015

On the 4th Day of Christmas my swap mate sent to me,

A scarf to keep me warm on my walks. 
And very swish it is too, just check out that fancy fringe.

I 'fess up to taking this photo very late last night as I am driving Francesca back to London today. Upon my return I will not want to do anything except have a shower, a cuppa and throw myself into bed.
It has been lovely having her here and driving her back makes the visit that bit longer. Plus the trains are all over the place due to the works being carried out. Plus she has her quilt to carry back along with the rest of her pressies.
Sunday was a very chill out kind of day, some leisurely strolls with Ben, in the dry no less. A little visit with some neighbours, just to check that all was well. A quick pop to another neighbours to feed the cats and check them out.
Then the rest was spent loafing on the sofa, I started my new book and had a little dip into the Kitchen Diaries 3. Breakfast was not needed, lunch was fresh fruit and dinner was the Iffits Pie, topped with ready rolled puff pastry, RTC from Lidl with 3 days life on it.
A one pot wonder indeed, it was wonderful. really tasty and we made total pigs of ourselves.
Followed by Christmas Pudding and Clotted Cream, now you see why we were so abstemious during the day.
On Tuesday I will do the usual trip into Neath, to keep me from the lure of the sales I will either take Ben and walk him through the park( weather permitting) or visit the library for the hours wait.
Wednesday I am helping Maggie to fetch some more of her things from the house. She has got the bungalow set to rights now and fells up to tackling a bit more.
Thursday I will be back in Neath for half the day and hope to be walking Ben along the canal tow path.
That brings us to Friday, New Years Day, The start of my Take Time. So visitors permitting the Big Shot Plus will come out and some playing will happen.
 I will leave it there for now, of course all of this could change at the drop of a hat, these are only tenuous plans at the best. There is still the chance that Francesca will be back on Thursday, she has plans but they include a night out with a couple who split up a few days before Christmas.

                      TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. I dont envy you driving to London and back, safe journey :-)

  2. So pleased you got your new toy, be prepared to disappear for hours "playing" with it
    Definitely "take time" fun xxx

  3. Enjoy the playing Pam. I got one for Christmas too and I have had one play but eager to have some more time playing. Sounds as if you have had a wonderful time. Take care.

    pattypan x

  4. Hope you had a safe journey-x-

  5. So good to have our child(ren) home for the holidays, ours has finally made it back to Japan after a cancelled flight and a change of itinerary.

  6. You've received some lovely things & it sounds like you've had a super Christmas. I hope your trip goes well x

  7. Glad you have been having fun, hope that the driving has gone well. xx

  8. Christmas pudding and clotted cream! I've put a stone on just writing it!


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