Saturday 12 December 2015

Dawn fro Doing it for ourselves in Wales, posted these questions from Mamma Pea and i thought I would jump on the bandwagon.
Just a bit of fun and I will be keeping watch for who else tries it.

1, Do I like blue cheese?

I love it, St Augur is tops at the moment.

2, Have you ever smoked?

I tried it but it was not for me.

3, Do you own a gun?

No, no interest in shooting.

4, What flavour of Kool Aid is your favourite?

Kool What?

5, Do you get nervous before dental appointments?

No, it has to happen so I just get it over quickly.

6, What do you think of hot dogs?

Home made sausage in a home made roll, gently sautéed onions and mustard,  yum. anything else , yuk.

7, What's your favourite Christmas movie?


8, What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

Tea, tea and more tea.

9, Can you do push ups?

Not since I broke both my wrists.

10, What's your favourite piece of jewellery?

I don't wear it often but I have a brooch from my Great Grandmother that I cherish.

11, What's your favourite hobby?

Patchwork and quilting, no doubt about it.

12, Do you have A. D. D.?

Nope, far too busy sewing.

13, Do you wear glasses or contacts?


14, What is your middle name?


15, What are your thoughts at this moment?

I have just returned from delivering gifts to my extended family in Cardigan and wish that I could deliver comfort and joy to those who have been hit by the flooding.

16, Name 3 drinks you regularly consume

Tea, coffee and water.

17, What is a current worry of yours?

My brother is a volunteer fire fighter in Western Australia and Bush Fire season will soon be starting.

18, What do you currently hate?

My waterlogged garden.

19, Where is your favourite place to be?

At home, with Ben close by.

20, What do you plan on doing on New Years Eve this year?

As little as possible, and definitely not staying up late. It will all happen while I sleep.

21, To where would you like to travel?

I plan on going back to Australia next year, apart from that Canada and New Zealand appeal to me.

22, Name thee people who you think will do this questionnaire on their blog.

No idea, but it will be fun to read the other answers and comments.

23, Do you own slippers?

Yes, several pairs in all shapes and colours.

24, What colour shirt are you wearing?


25, Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?

Never tried it, all my sheets are cotton.

26, Can you whistle?

No, I have tried and tried but a splutter is all I have ever managed.

27, What is your favourite colour?

I could not pick one, I love all colour, the brighter the better.

28, What songs do you sing in the shower?

I am not in there long enough to sing, besides I am of the Billy Connelly school of voice. I sound like a goose farting in the dark.

29, Would you like to be a pirate?

No, all that Har Har me Hearties would give me a sore throat.

30, What's in your pocket right now?

My mobile phone.

31, What's the last thing that made you laugh?

Watching Julie Walters on ice skates in a comedy sketch with Torville and Dean.

32, What vehicle do you drive?

A Citroen.

33, What's the worst injury you've ever had.

A broken wrist with the bone through the skin.

34, Do you love where you live?

Yes, yes and yes. even in the bad weather it is wonderful.

35, Would you change your first name if you could?

No, My Mum named me Pamela and I am happy with it.

There you have it, who else will be playing along, much better that writing shopping lists.

                       TTFN                                                                       Pam.

PS, I was rushing about this morning and heard someone mention lawful scrubbers. I was not really watching or listening to the telly, (it was on for the weather) That phrase stopped me in my tracks and my mind went as follows.....
Legal, that is sanctioned by Parliament,
Scrubbers, those are people who sell themselves for money.
They are talking about politicians,  and resumed my scurrying.


  1. That was fun. I enjoyed reading your answers.
    Some of them made me giggle.

  2. This is a fun post. I've answered my questions ready for a later post. i'm glad there's someone else who doesn't know what Kool Aid is.

  3. I enjoyed that Pam and feel like I know you a bit better. Re No 17 about your brother. Oh Pam this is a real worry as bushfires here in Australua are a regular tragedy. I keep hoping you will make it here for a visit Not only Western Australia. X

  4. Such Fun!
    Kool Aid is a popular drink in the US, a powder when mixed with water and sugar tastes like nothing, leaves your lips and tongue stained for hours, and if a darling child happens to dump it on your brand new carpet, will still be there 10 years and many, many scrubings later! You can however use it to dye small batches of fabric if you want a very pastel shade of something. Awful stuff!

  5. "A goose farting in the dark" hahahahahahahahaaaa!! I love these posts! So nosy I am. I winced at your wrist. How did you manage to break it so badly?? Your comment about my tree on my blog made me giggle too!!!

  6. Great answers! I hope that all will be well for your brother. xx


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