Thursday 17 December 2015

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinners (lots of them

I went into Swansea yesterday, there were some things that I needed and a few that I wanted from Hobbycraft. While I was there I slipped into Laura Ashley and found a gorgeous black cardigan (40% off). I buy Fran one good quality cardigan for Christmas every year.
Then a trip into Dunelm for the haberdashery counter, I bought a stitch ripper. I like to have a really sharp one when I am piecing and I have some projects in mind for next year.
The Christmas decs are sublime so I will be going back in the new year to have a little looksee.

Into Hobbycraft and bingo, everything that I needed and wanted was on the shelves.
Then a quick foray into Poundland and I have the cookie cutters that I want for a gift and some more holly garlands for the Round Robin wreath, also a gift.
I want to make an Easter version so am on the lookout for a chick pattern and maybe a bunny one.

Then home ward bound and I stopped at Tesco, well I was passing and thought I would take the opportunity to check out the bargains.
Woo Hoo, they had just decided to reduce the cooked chickens from £4.50 to ......£1.15!!
I can not buy a raw one for that price.
That stopped me in my tracks and I gathered up a couple. I took a few steps and had a light bulb moment, back tracked and scooped up two more.

Fast forward and today I have 7 big parcels of chicken meat in the freezer. A colander full of bones and aromatics. A large amount of good stock and a slow cooker full of soup simmering away. There is also a dish of bits and pieces for Ben and the visitor cat ( they have both had some this morning).

I did have a sarnie for lunch, oozing with garlic mayo and the chicken was moist and tender.

Oh and I have two very happy neighbours who were delighted to get a ready cooked chicken for a surprise treat.

I have crocheted another 8 Robins and will be sewing and stuffing them later today. That Round will be a gift but will be given out this week, the recipient can have it hanging straight away.

That's all my news, my sewing gift that I gave you a peak at has arrived. I did not take photo's but I am sure that a few will be published at some point. The giftee is going through a bumpy patch just now.

I have tea to drink and a trip to Neath coming up so I am offski.

    TTFN                                                                        Pam


  1. Well done on your chicken run!! I want to be able to crochet a Robin! That's my goal for next year!!

  2. I have to make a trip to town at some point have some cheques to bank that have been sitting here for a month, also still have some gift cards to use, thats a brilliant bargain with the chicken :-)

  3. Wow what a bargain with the chicken , I always bulk by if i ever see a bargain like that , Mind you i haven,t been so lucky lately , We dont go out after 4 unless its absolutely necessary xxx

  4. I'm sure Ravelry have some free chick and bunny patterns and I know Alan Dart's website used to have a free chick pattern, might be worth a look at. What a lovely treat for neighbour's .xx

  5. Gosh.......I never find any bargains like that at our Tesco although I don't do too bad on the vegetables side of things they never seem to have much meat.
    The other week I made nine portions of celery soup for less than 50p so that made me happy as I would never buy it at full price just to make soup.

  6. Now that is what I call a bargain, well done you.

  7. Great bargain, I love Chicken, so versatile x

  8. What a thoughtful neighbor you are and a really thrifty one too.

  9. Brilliant bargain, four chickens for less than a fiver!!

    I bet your neighbours really were happy with their surprise hot food. I wonder if they were as economical as you and turned each one into a few meals.

  10. You are set for chicken, and set for crafting projects, what else does a girl need! Happy Christmas! xx

  11. Love it when a day comes together so well.

  12. You're really lucky one to buy chicken for such a low price. Maybe I'll be so lucky today? Please!

  13. Thank you! My parcel of goodies arrived today. I look forward to opening them, one a day!


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