Monday 28 November 2016

A Day of Rest, hmmm

I did have a rest from the internet, it was almost 11 last night when I realised that the laptop had been ignored all day.

I took advantage of the lovely weather and got a load of washing blowing on the whirlythingy. Although it was a bit chilly I threw all the windows open wide and let the sunshine flood through.

I even got the polish out, and used it.

A good vacuum round, and into a few corners, dust bunnies were rolling like tumbleweed. The dusting brush was attached and I did the staircase, then went over it with one of those microfiber cloths.
Skirting boards went under the cloth and came up gleaming, I was almost ashamed at how bad they were in some places.

I did not rush through this, I took my time and had frequent tea breaks, after all I had to stand back and admire the shiny surfaces and dust free corners.

I started my day with porridge, I don't usually sweeten it but as I had a fancy for marmalade I dropped a spoonful in the bowl.
Oh My Word, it was delish. I used the grapefruit, sour tangerine and Seville batch that I made last year. Perfect, the satisfying tang and no sweetness. I am certain that it fuelled my morning.

Lunch was a cheese sandwich with a smear of my chilli jam, it hit the spot.
Dinner was a very lazy Pulled Pork from the freezer, salad and a wedge of ciabatta . I also found room, a bit later on, for a slice of rhubarb pie (also from the freezer) and a generous drizzle of cream.
This was, in part, to celebrate the Strictly results.
I think that Judge Rinder will be the next to leave, he has done amazingly well but the standard is so high this year.

I have finished the DK red socks and have cast on a pair of the Aran weight from my list. These are in a greens and white self patterning yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners, 75% wool 25% nylon. I have a decent stash of their sock yarns in both Aran and DK weight. It is not the softest to work with but once washed and blocked is fine.

Now it is time for a cuppa and a shower before I get stuck into today.

                       TTFN                                              Pam


  1. There is something so satisfying about clean skirting boards isn't there. Wishing you a peaceful day x

  2. I love a good Sunday at home just pottering about.
    We are having pulled chicken tonight. I am a recent convert to pulled things after having pulled pork at my sons house last weekend. It was delicious.
    Porridge with marmalade.......oh my....I will have to try that.

  3. I love a good cleaning, it makes everything feel so much better.

  4. It almond st reads like the Pam of old i.e. Before this blooming illness you've been suffering from! As for your knitting.... I think you might be a sock a holic!


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