Saturday 26 November 2016

A knitting snapshot

I have managed to get a few photos loaded but lost the cropped versions. I will have another play tomorrow and see if I can do any better.

This is the first Antler Toque, knitted in  Aran weight wool on a 16" circular, it took just under 100 g. I had to change to a longer cable and magic loop for the decreasing but it was an easy, and fast, knit.

This is the Big Rib hat in Worsted weight wool, dug out of the stash, I knitted it exactly as the pattern was written and used 100 g with about a yard leftover. The ribbing band is 4" deep and on the next one I will reduce that to 3". It is just a bit too long although this one will be perfect for walking in a cold wind, no cold ears.

The fold back  is knitted in reverse and then a row of knit stitches gives a fold line.  I used a 16" circular for this as well. The decreasing is gradual over 23 rows and I did not have to change to magic loop until row 16.

The second Antler Toque, knitted on straights and in some Drops Alaska that I had squirreled away. It took almost 3 x 50g balls, the yarn is considerably thicker than Aran, only 70 m per ball rather than 100. The colour is not as pink in real life much nearer a Burgundy.

This pair of socks are for  boots , I had to borrow them back for the photo. They are in Aran weight and have been worn a few times, the verdict was along the lines of  "great socks, how soon can I get 3 more pairs?".

This is the current pair, the second pair of Blueberry waffle in DK. This is now finished and the second is cast on. The first pair were a gift and these will be going as soon as they are finished.

I have a waiting list for socks, 2 more pairs of Aran boot socks, 3  DK Blueberry Waffle and 3 pairs in fingering weight. I also have 3 more hats on the list, 2 in k2 P2 rib and another Big Rib.

It is a good thing that I like being busy.

I aim to try some sewing next week, the last time I tried it affected my breathing quite badly. I tend to lean forward when I sew, I do try to sit back but always end up bent forward. I feel so much better now though that I have high hopes of managing at least 30 minutes.

I have had a bit of a shopping fest, the cupboards are well stocked and, apart from the usual fresh stuff, I will not be shopping for at least 10 weeks. Deep Joy.

I did consider booking a delivery slot for perishables in the run up to That Day, but can time my trip into Pontardawe for the second the shop opens. I only have a 10 minute journey from door to door.
No frog for breakfast today, just porridge with some cooked blueberries.
Looking at the clock I better get off my bum and be busy, there is a small pile of ironing and it will be better done and put away. Then I may have enough credit for a little knitting and a brew.

                      TTFN                                               Pam


  1. I am in awe of your sock knitting, maybe one day...

  2. You have been so busy knitting Pam. I always got a terrible back ache when I was sat at my sewing machine. Then I saw an idea of putting 2 small triangular rubber door stops under the back of the machine. You get a slight slant forward of the machine and it meant that I could sit up much straighter. Maybe that would help you. All your knitting orders are going to keep you busy. Do you have to have them all completed by Christmas?

  3. Your projects are wonderful.

  4. Great wonderful knitting projects! I have been teaching myself how to knit. I've managed a scarf and two dish cloths lol. I am currently working on my second scarf. Hopefully next year I'll be able to make a hat. Not sure about the socks though. They look really difficult to knit!

  5. Your knitting is lovely. I do love the pattern of the Antler Toque.

    God bless.

  6. The knitted hats are lovely - I've never made one one my circulars but am about to embark on one for Miss 22! I may call on you for help!


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