Wednesday 9 November 2016

Just a Quickie

Donald Trump is President, I am not really surprised. What did make my eyes open was the change in stance and voice. His body language, in my eyes, has altered completely. Gone was the manic glint in the eyes, the histrionic delivery and the impression of an enraged bull about to show his handlers just how aggressive that he could become.

Instead my impression was of an urbane business man, at ease in his own skin, exuding the confidence that he is the right man in the right place. Time will tell.

My disturbed night ended with me falling into a deep sleep on the sofa, I woke with Ben stretched out beside me his head resting on my hand.

I will get on with my day, it is quite cold here the temperature fell alarmingly at around mid day. I am showered and settled on the sofa, full of delicious soup, with a knitting pattern, yarn and needles.

Enjoy the rest of your day as much as I intend to enjoy mine.

                  TTFN                                                Pam 


  1. A little crochet and some warm soup is on my agenda.

  2. My soup today was yet another bowl of Cabbage soup (though I did add gammon stock and chopped bits for more nutrition and flavour). How I would LOVE an afternoon on the sofa with wool (and perhaps a crochet pattern, or relearning how to cast on for socks on 4 pins . . .) As it's hubby's birthday, I have to shoehorn in an Apple Dappy pudding into what's left of the afternoon. It sounds like you are a teensy bit better now.

  3. I love how you put that and I agree! Hope you have a nice comfortable warm afternoon knitting.

  4. Well, as to Trump we can only hope that this realistic, stable side of his personality continues on through the next four years. A most unsettling conclusion to what has been a long, contentious, and arduous race.

    Just waiting in Indiana.

  5. Send us your rain and wind. It's 37C here and the heat may burn out the last of this pnuemonia. At least I hope so. The steroids are helping but they make me edgy.I have to go to the market, looks like mother hubbards cupboard. My husband shops but after 30+ years of marriage he still has no idea of what I really like to eat. (at this moment not much). I am glad you are feeling better. There is a feeling of numbness right now, the dogs feel it and so do I.

  6. I would love a day on the sofa but I have two sofa hogs in my house...namely Andy and Smudge. Andy sprawled over one sofa and Smudge the other....he looks so cute and comfy I haven't the heart to move him though.
    Bit of a shock old Donald getting in but as you say...time will tell-x-

  7. I agree with you about Donald Trump, I noticed it too.


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