Wednesday 16 November 2016

Filling the wee small hours.

After another sweaty night I threw in the towel and got up very early. I finished the second sock and rather than a new cast on, I must finish a WIP next, I had a blog reading session. I managed to write a comment or two but it is something that I have found difficult recently. Goodness knows why as I am not usually stuck for words. I read a post, a comment pops into my mind and I click into the box    and nothing  just nothing. Not a word never mind a sentence, it feels just like the times when I scuttle off to another room only to stand and wonder why I am there.

I know that I am not alone in this, my friend Mary does it frequently as does Fran. I chose to think that it is because we are always doing one thing and planning the next three things. Our minds can not keep up with our bodies.

I read Dawn's post on her home cured bacon and was transported back to my childhood. We had a wood fire with a smoker in the chimney, there always seemed to be bacon or sausages in there and quite often  fish. The taste was amazing, although I did not appreciate it then. I think that once this final, fingers crossed, round of tests is done I will get some pork into a cure.
I sold my smoker before I moved as it was far to big to bring, perhaps it is time for a replacement, albeit smaller.
I do like "green bacon" but prefer it smoked over Applewood chips.

We are having a wet and dismal time of it here but it is still quite warm. I have the heating set for a couple of hours morning and early evening but have had to turn it off the last few days. On the other hand all the washing is going into the tumbler, it is impossible to dry them any other way.

This afternoon Archie and Dolly go home, I will miss them but will be pleased to get back to the status quo. 2 little dogs mean 2 extra beds in each room, a whole heap of toys and a pair of super charged dynamos in the house. Luckily they are happy to charge around outside and use up some of that energy.

I think that is all, for now anyway, so it must be time to get the kettle on.

                      TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Pam glad you made use of the extra time and finished your sock. Nothing worse than in bed wide awake. I really must try knitting a pair of socks, but sadly sewing always wins out in this house.

  2. Hi Pam

    Sorry to hear that you are a little below par and in the wars and hope you are okay. I have just bought the curing salts that Dawn recommended to have a go at some bacon but also some salami. I am also hoping to get a salmon and prepare that as gravadlax like I did last year as it came out really well. How did you guess a Pressure canner is on the list but I am waiting for the optimum time as to buy as I don't want to pay through the nose for one. Saying that the large hot water bath urn with the timer and thermostat on it does a good job of everything else but with veggies I am being extra cautious. It says you can process them but the recipes are mot extensive as the actual piece of equipment is from Germany but it is ideal for bulk processing and bottling fruit. After my operation I am looking forward to some crafting time. I am hoping to start my first scrap quilt. Just simple blocks but it will be a start. I forget things too on a regular basis and at the most inopportune moments. Right had better get a wriggle on just take it steady and try and be good. Hugs. Pattypan xx

  3. Which WIP did you choose? Sorry to hear you're still not sleeping well.

    You'll be glad when your canine guests have departed and life is back to the status quo.

    I loved hearing about all the smoked goodies from your childhood. Not something that happened at our house!!

  4. Talk of bacon is making me hungry...

  5. We're moving to Cwmgors from Swansea soon - I thought it had been pretty cold and wet here so am preparing myself. I must learn to knit some socks to keep us all warm!
    I do hope your health improves before winter arrives.

  6. My grandparents had a smoke house and always cured their own meat. We don't eat much processed meat, but when we do I like Applewood chip cure bacon.

  7. Grandparents had a smokehouse and did game and pork. There is nothing like good smoked applewood chip bacon. Costco has a maple/applewood bacon that I buy and share the packages with my mom. I hope you feel up to snuff soon. My virus is sitting deep and my attention span is less than a gnat. Enjoying the cooler weather. Its 20 now but tonight it's supposed to get down into the 8's. I'll have to turn the furnace on.

  8. You just think about yourself Pam.
    As long as there is a post from you now and again and we can be sure that you are OK I'm sure nobody is worried about whether you leave a comment or not.


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